Dear Parent

Mid-Semester Break

Our mid-semester break commenced at 1.00pm last Friday, 22 March. Students may return to hostels from 1.00pm on Sunday, 31 March.

Please note that this semester’s break does not coincide with Easter, which is closer to the start of the formal external examination period. Students and staff will commence the Easter long weekend from 4.00pm on Wednesday, 17 April, and return by 5.00pm on Monday, 22 April.

Havana Night

An annual students’ entertainment activity is the annual ball, “Havana Night” on 13 April.  The following information is provided for parents and students so they are aware of costs, if students wish to participate.

 Dress Code: 

– Semi-Formal

–  All white clothing

–  White jeans are the only colour of jeans allowed for girls

VIP Section:

– GHC 60 will be paid to acquire VIP placement

– Only six slots available

– Includes: One bottle of non-alcoholic champagne, customised and casual lounge setting, free full meal including drinks.


– Finger foods will be provided for free

– Full meals will be sold at GHC 25

– Vendors will be available for those who are not interested in meals.


There is free entry to the event for all students.

A gentle reminder of students’ appearance whilst in school.

  • Facial hair should be neatly trimmed at all times.
  • Boys must keep their hair neatly trimmed but heads should not be shaved. Boys’ hair will be considered too long if a school cap cannot be worn appropriately
  • Students should not allow their fingernails to grow long and must not wear make-up or nail varnish.
  • Girls must keep their hair in tidy plaits, or short “Afro”, or permed style. No headgear or hats are permitted except when worn as part of African wear, or religious purposes.
  • Hair length, if too long, is difficult to manage and may cause scalp issues. Hair length should be shoulder length OR mid back and must be in a bun during school hours.
  • Hair dye and hair exten­sions must match the student’s own natural colour.
  • Caps are allowed outside, but never inside, except for entertainment nights or as part of African wear.

Please note that the School reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.

An inspection will done at the school’s gate on the reporting day and any student who flouts these rules will asked to go back home with the parent.

Community Project Update: You smile, I smile

Community Project is spreading smiles. This group, Brenda, Shirley and Annalisa achieved their goal by collecting old clothes for donations and printing motivational quotes to decorate their classroom by way of inspiring the children at the home. This group believes that appearance speaks volumes and what you wear and how you look can make you feel good about yourself. Hence, to make the children feel wanted and special, they sorted and packed really nice and beautiful clothes for donation. They transferred the knowledge from groupings in the Math class to sort out the clothes into categories and groupings. Furthermore, they made a small investment into printing out inspiring quotes to remind the children at the home that no condition is permanent and that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel.


Shirley: I feel like this was a very stressful period in my life, and I have learned a lot of time-management. Most of the times, during this project, I had to manage myself by making time for each and every single thing and meetings I had and I did, like designing the posters that we made, to spread the word about our project, and a lot of effort was put into it. We had to ask for people to donate money, in order for us to buy the posters, and we had to ask a lot of people for clothes to be donated and some of them donated, and some didn’t.  I feel like this was a really good experience and I would like to do it again.

Brenda: I think this has been a very good experience and it has also benefited the children as well because they got new clothes and I learned two things which are:

That it is not very easy to just plan a donation to an orphanage.

The second thing I learned was that we should cherish every little thing we have because even though the clothes we gave to those children had already either been worn, used or owned, they were still very happy that they got something. I wish to do this again because it was a good experience I highly doubt I can get from anywhere else. I just hope next time I do this, I engage in the group more. When I saw the smiles on their faces, it brought me to the name and the purpose of our project. My group changed the name of our project without me knowing so I didn’t really understand the true meaning of the name. Now I do.

Annalisa: I feel like this was a really good experience for me. It was hard at times because laziness was overcoming me and I didn’t want to go for meetings or do anything. But I tried my best to push aside all my laziness and get work done. I managed to inform my Mom about this project and get our first batch of clothes. I felt proud of myself for contributing and that really made me become serious and put more effort into the work. Fundraising is not easy. In all, this was a memorable community project and I hope that we impacted the Save Them Young Orphanage in a good way. Brenda, Shirley & Annalisa

Expression & Science Fair, 2019

Speech by:  Chineyenwa Okoro Onu – Guest Speaker

Dignitaries present, Principal, Teachers, Mrs. King, Mr. Richmond, Mark, Kobby, My amazing TIS family, students, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am so honored to be here today not only because I’ve been given this opportunity to speak, but more so for the singular reason behind this auspicious occasion. This is a new beginning for each and every one of us. I know TIS is not just 15 years old but 15 years awesome.

As we all reflect on the journey of driving new initiatives and making our community a better place, I would like you all to think about how we can become the change we seek. This year’s expression as you can all see is geared towards building a circular economy and driving environmental sustainability through creativity and innovation.

The Big question is why, Waste when we can Create? Look around you; in fact, close your eyes for a minute and think about every single thing you’ve ever thrown away. The plastic, that paper, that can, that steel, that food waste that excreta etc. Imagine each one of these waste materials coming right back to you ,each and every one of these things you thrown away coming right back to you with no option of putting it away and we all are forced to think about how innovative we can be in reducing our portions or even creating something from it. What would you have created?

The world is currently producing 2.5 billion tons of waste globally. The sad story is that, each and every one of this waste when put on a truck we will go around the earth 24 times. Now imagine the sea filled with waste.

We all need to start acting consciously, actively and practically to drive awareness for environmental sustainable solutions through science & technology, entrepreneurship, mathematics and arts. We can drive creative thinking, we can drive intelligence, we can drive practical skill and cognitive skills towards making our world a better place.

The school admin is not responsible for keeping the school clean; you, the students of TIS and every other school represented here also have the responsibility to keep your school clean.

Today, Tema international school have shown beyond reasonable doubt that it is possible .That we all can inspire and lead the light to every other young person sitting here today. Parents, stakeholders, change makers; we urge you to support what TIS has set in motion. Support other environmentally driven organizations to drive change in our community because if we don’t take care of our planet who will do it for us?

Let    us come together to support the infrastructure, support the education, support the awareness and be part of it hands-on. Be comfortable to get your hands dirty. The joy I get at every single time I pass by the Project Centre & Design Lab is amazing. Seeing all the colours and awesome stuff the students create gives me joy; it gives me hope for the future. It tells me that the next generation that they are training is prepared and more than capable to take the mantle and run with it.

We can drive educational and cognitive skills, environmental sustainability through STEM, STEAM, critical thinking, practical skills, experiential learning, hands-on experiences and most importantly, the zeal and motivation to want to make a difference in our communities.

Every member, every stakeholder and every school represented here today can do something about the environment. You can start by organizing another expression like this. Train these children to understand the risk involved if they do not start now treating the environment with care. It’s very important that we start looking at building a circular economy and look at how we can educate our children to solve environmental problems and see environmental sustainability solutions as career options to drive change in our society. The man in the garbage house clearing the gutter is not destined to be uneducated. So, whether educated or not, it is our job to ensure a clean and safe environment. Today I urge you all to start working towards making a difference in our society and community. Supporting everything and anything related to environmental sustainability because where else can we be if we don’t take care of our planet.

Hope we start looking at that as an option to do things differently as we only have PLANET A we do not have a PLANET B.

Thank you so much. Together we can drive change in our society.

God bless you all

God bless Ghana

God Bless Africa

Enjoy the rest of your day.