Dear Parent

An Exciting Year Ahead

Every year at TIS is fast and furious. 2019/2020 will be no different with a whole range of experiences and opportunities for TIS students.
My key word is champion. A level of excellence must be consistent to achieve champion status. Action is required, if excellence is to be achieved. However, it will be the focus, effort and consistency that will result in excellence.

Each of us should always be trying to improve upon our personal best in everything we do. The emphasis is on learning: not just in academics, but in each experience that is available also to us in sporting, cultural and service activities. Each student needs to ensure a balance in their life. Without a balance, our wellbeing is at risk. Insufficient sleep immediately affects performance, mood, attitude and
eating habits. Friendship and family issues, along with missing deadlines, due to poor (or lack of) planning, result in anxiety. As in the case of spending too much time on social media and games, these are distractions to learning, with students losing their focus.

Wellbeing issues will torpedo the best intentions for academic excellence. All staff are ready to assist each and every TIS student with their concerns and issues.

TIS Events
Parents are always welcome to attend any TIS event. We live in a busy 24/7 world, so this open invitation to parents to attend any event hopefully provides some sanity when trying to juggle calendars.Throughout the year, there are specific Visiting Sundays. However, they
are not a monthly event as there may be sufficient TIS events available to parents to see their son/daughter.

A calendar overview has been included in last week’s bulletin. Parents should ensure that their son/daughter arrives at the start of each semester and not depart before the last day. Your child may tell you otherwise, but each day is important.

I appreciate your support.
Dr Ken Darvall

ManageBac for Parents

ManageBac (MB) is our learning management portal that is used by teachers for planning assessment, reporting and attendance. Students use it to access assignment tasks, resources, and assessment results, including semester reports. Parents access MB for reports, announcements and can track their child’s academic performance. Almost all messages, including the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter will be sent through MB to parents.

Welcome emails from ManageBac (MB) were sent out last night to new parents and continuing parents who have not accessed it yet. Please check your junk/spam folder if the email is not obvious in your inbox. Click on the second link – Set My Password. Some advice…

So you’re setting up your ManageBac password and you may be asking, “What’s with the mission-impossible password requirements?”

We take data protection and security pretty seriously, which is why we recently updated our password strength requirements. This is especially important as we introduce Single-Sign-On, which is the ability to sign into multiple platforms with the same username and password.

The password will not save until you see a green box. You could use a password like S8raH18!, but that’s not very fun to remember, nor is it nearly as secure as a longer password with random words put together. It’s better to use a phrase. We’ve found that the combination of three or four random common words is easier to remember and harder to crack!

An example of a super strong password that’s not too hard to remember would
be Teacher Matt Bobo Yellow or Horse Battery Staple Yea

If you have any difficulties registering or logging in, please email Ken ([email protected])

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.