Dear Parent


Our best wishes and prayers go to our Grade 10 who are continuing their final external exams over the next three weeks.


  • To the Inquirers, our G12 students, who finished their final DP exam this morning. Exams create stress, but as you reflect on your journey, you will appreciate it was most worthwhile. When you commence university in three months, you will understand how valuable it was. Well done, Inquirers!
  • To our G9 21c learners who actually enjoyed their end of semester exams, all completed online. Well done.

Dress Code: Clothing Sense and Sensitivity

The following is a reminder with two important events approaching: Leavers’ Dinner; and Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony. Students will not be able to participate in the Leavers’ Dinner if the dress code is breached, nor will they be able to attend Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony. To keep it simple: always dress for the occasion, and not for personal attention.
This notice sets out for students, what to wear and what not to wear as TIS students during school days and at school functions. This is only a reminder because it constitutes part of the school rules which have already been made known to students, but which we wish to emphasise for the purpose of student appearance.

It has become a matter of concern as students are seen dressed inappropriately at school functions and after school.
Students have been allowed to express diversity in their appearance. However, it has come to our notice that students have abused this opportunity over time. Parents should be informed that clothing can be completely casual, but respectable during and after school hours.
Please note that the following clothing are not allowed on TIS campus:

  • Bare back
  • Bare shoulders
  • Frontal low cuts
  • Bodicon skirts and dresses
  • Mini-skirts
  • Transparent leggings
  • Tights and hanging trousers (for boys)

Furthermore, slits on dresses SHOULD NOT be above the knee, excessive jewelry (big hoops) and flashy clothing are prohibited.
There will be routine checks into students’ wardrobes to ensure that they have the right clothing in their possession.
With parents’ support, we can encourage students to appear decent and decorous on campus.

Thank you for being part of the TIS family