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Outstanding Accounts

A reminder that outstanding fees must be paid before students return to hostels on 30 March, unless arrangements have been made with Kobina Quansah, our Financial Controller. Final payments must be made by 28 March. Please email a copy of payment receipt to Mr Quansah to avoid hassles on 30 March.

Learner Profile

The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally-minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.

At the centre of each IB programme is the Learner Profile. As IB Learners, we strive to be:

  • inquirers;
  • open-minded;
  • knowledgeable;
  • caring;
  • thinkers;
  • risk-takers;
  • communicators;
  • balanced;
  • principled; and
  • reflective

How to we determine how successful a student is at the completion of an IB programme? Is it the final results for DP? Is it the Personal Project in MYP? Is it the Exhibition in PYP?

While these may be suitable indicators, I suggest that success is measured by how well (and to what level) a learner can demonstrate each Learner Profile attribute consistently. By the end of the Diploma Programme, the Learner Profile prepares IB students to make exceptional contributions on campus. How?

  • Inquirers: University faculties regularly note IB students’ passion for discovery.
  • Knowledgeable: IB students are extraordinarily well prepared for academic requirements of university coursework.
  • Thinkers: IB students contribute to discussions in a meaningful way. They do not shy away from challenging questions and, once they know the answer, follow up by asking ‘why?’
  • Communicators: IB students regularly deliver stimulating presentations and drive excellence in group assignments.
  • Principled: IB students are infused with the academic integrity that is a fundamental value of universities and colleges.
  • Open-minded: IB students have a deep understanding of various cultures and views, bringing an appreciation of new views to both their academic study and their involvement in local and wider communities. Their international mindedness complements the missions of the best tertiary institutions.
  • Caring: IB students tell us they bring this commitment to community and others to their activities and leadership roles at university and carry it throughout their lives.
  • Risk-takers: IB students transition well to challenging university settings and show resilience and determination in their work. In academics, they have the confidence to approach new or unfamiliar subjects or material.
  • Balanced: IB students are active participants in a wide range of aspects of campus life, as well as focusing on their academic development.
  • Reflective: IB students have developed an ability to reflect on their learning and to articulate how they learnt. They have learned that critical reflection is an important academic and life skill.

[Source: The IB Learner Profile, IB, 2012]

DP1 Parents’ One-on-One Meeting on the College Application Process:

Dear DP1 Parents, kindly note that we have sent out emails inviting you for meeting to discuss your son/daughter’s university application process. We would be grateful if you could please confirm your availability and book your slot.

The agenda includes the following:

  • Specific countries for the undergraduate programme
  • An estimated range of financial budget in support of tertiary education.
  • Specific universities of choice and programme of study.
  • Your child’s progress so far

We’re looking forward to our meeting. Most meetings will take place right after the mid-semester break.

DP 1 Academic Progress

DP1 students are about to complete their first year of the Diploma Program. They have completed sizeable content in subjects and also their CAS, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. The College Guidance team has scheduled a one-on-one meeting with students and parents to finalise the strategies for the application process. I suggest you use this Spring break to have a personal discussion with your ward, analysing their strengths, choice of course, financial requirements, scholarship opportunities and university.

End of semester exams for DP 1 will commence on 20 May, 2019. Related information will be shared at the earliest opportunity.

One Pole, One Goal

We wish you could have seen the excitement when this group donated their purchase of goal posts and footballs. The boys at the home were beyond happy and could not hide their appreciation towards this gesture. Our enthusiastic football lovers, Nuku, Emmaunel and Seyram, during their investigation could not help but notice how much fun the boys were losing using stones as a goal post and a plastic bottle as their football.

These boys raised GHC 1,089, and together with their supervisor, they purchased 2 durable goal posts from decathlon for donation. Boys and football, they quickly organized a 10 mins match upon delivery and fixing.  It seemed like the most exciting 10 mins moment at the Home. TIS lost to Save them Young Orphanage 3-1. They are in talks with Mr. Atseku – TIS Sports teacher, to see how they can redeem themselves. Patrons of their stand were fascinated on how a common interest can be turned into a project to create an impact.


Nuku– I can’t believe my team members and I were able to pull this off, considering how hard it can be working with my friends. I am happy that it was sparked from a child’s love for football. I now see the importance of the community project in developing our communication, self- management and thinking skills. This was a really fun experience and I am looking forward to my Personal Project in MYP 4.

Immanuel– This project has been a cool experience, although we went off track. But, we got back on and it made me more caring, realizing that I can do something for someone to make them happy. I have a hard time managing my skills but the Community Project forced me to be balanced in order to make time for all my responsibilities. My communication skills have improved, interviewing a stranger can feel weird but it actually did not feel like that.  This has really taught me a lot of things. Overall, my group did a very good job and I am very happy we succeeded. The Community Project has prepared me for the next grade, in doing my Personal Project.

Akpatsa: I could tell we made the children happy and the process can help me in my Personal Project. But I think it was too demanding and I did not enjoy the challenge that much, as compared to my other team members.

Expression & Science Fair, 2019 – Impressions…

 My TIS experience

It has been a wonderful experience and another learning curve for me. The students and staff were very supportive and enthusiastic.

Even though the time was short the output was great and talking to students after the work, they felt they could have done more. This is a positive way to make progress through reflection. When we push ourselves to do more and never be comfortable in our current position.

The interpretation the students gave to the IB Learner Profile and the works constructed were very inspiring. In the quest to know more, their questions were deep and I had to pulse a second sometimes before attempting to answer and some of the questions I had never thought of. It’s been a positive working experience and could not have this without the support of the wonderful CAS-SA Crew. (Nana Anoff)

 This process has been very insightful, I have learnt new skills. This process of making and designing has made me a thinker. I used some of the IB learner profile attributes when it comes to group work. I look forward to the next year’s Expression. I learnt a lot from people around me. The waste or create group taught me a lot about recycling. I know how to change trash to treasure!!! Chelsea Somuah – Grade 9

The first time I step foot into the CAS block, my mind was set to help with preparations for this year’s Expression. I was really scared at first because I thought I wouldn’t understand and I was intimidated by the mindset that I wasn’t creative enough. The first piece of art I made was very beautiful and I was really surprised. It encouraged me to work harder and I thank God that all the work I put into it payed off. I really enjoyed it mainly because aside from the work we also had a fun time singing and dancing with everyone. I want to thank Auntie Abigail because she played the role in motivating me to work harder. Nutifafa Folie – Grade 9

I was privileged to have been part of the organizers for Expression. This year’s event, in my opinion was one of the best Expressions I ever experienced. Not only were the students involved in their various activities but they were dedicated and worked with passion as I went round to see how things were getting on. From the science department to music to the arts and to the Community Project, everything was great. On Saturday, visitors, students and even students and staff of TIS were mesmerized by the displays which were created by TIS students.

The icing on the cake was the presence of Flight#7 which made this Expression different from others. Visitors were amazed at the talents produced in TIS and parents were proud of their children’s inventions. I am proud of every student and teacher who took part in making this Expression & Science Fair a success. Thanks to the CAS team for engaging me and other organizers in such a wonderful experience. Bervelyn Sawyerr-Markwei. Grade11

Compared to the previous expressions in which I partook, this year was ‘Fantastic’. Even though it was challenging, at times, we were still able to put ideas together and make very fabulous things. I also believe that my expectations were exceeded by the sales which we made and I’m very excited to help make a difference in someone else’s life. Hope everyone buys something to support Millicent Open Heart Surgery – Deborah G9

This was one of the best Expressions that I have ever had. I loved all of the colourful displays and works. I am glad that I got to show off my Community Project. After all the work I put into it, it was really nice to just reflect and share my experience with everyone who showed interest in my board- Annalisa G8

I have always been a fan of Expression. Ever since my sister was enrolled into TIS, she would always tell me the processes involved in completing a project. I never really understood, but now I do. The whole Expression was very fun for me because I was involved in the creation of a number of things. I learnt new crafts and skills and how to work well with others. I am sure these skills will be useful later on in life. I am very grateful to the school for providing me the opportunity and I would like to encourage others to participate in this event next year- Araba Egyei-Mensah G9

This expression was Amazing. We had a lot of work and many things to do. I met amazing people like Mr. Nanof. He inspired me to just keep working with what I have. Our sleepless nights all paid off. I look forward to the next one – Chelsea G9

Open-Heart Surgery Fundraiser for Millicent Ibrahim

12-year-old Millicent Ibrahim has been diagnosed with a complex hole in heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. Millicent’s single mother cannot afford to pay for her open-heart surgery that costs GHS46,000. Their only hope comes from the kindness of our hearts.

Congenital heart disease is a condition in which there is a problem with the structure of the heart at birth. According to Dr. Lawrence Sereboe, the National Cardiothoracic Centre (NCTC) at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital records 8,000 cases of children with hole-in-heart conditions every year. However, only few of the 8,000 cases are able to receive corrective surgeries.

We would like to appeal to you to DONATE NOW towards Millicent’s open-heart surgery. In the words of Aesop, “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Your contribution will go a long way in giving Millicent a healthy heart.

Your donation can be paid via mobile money to the number listed below with the remarks “Millicent Ibrahim Surgery – CAS Project”: Name: Tema International School – Phone number: +233 503849799

For any further questions or details regarding our request for donation, please contact the Creativity Activity Service Coordinator of Tema International School, Mrs. Surama King, via email on [email protected]  or phone on +233 244 615255.

Kind regards,

Ayeyi Hammond, Baaba Egyei-Mensah & Davina Yawson

Grade 11 students – (CAS) Initiative

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.