Dear Parents

Please take note of the following

Career Fair

The TIS Career Fair will be held next Thursday afternoon from 2.30-4.00pm. As usual, parents are welcome to attend.

Yale Young African Scholars Program: Just 3 Days Left!

This outstanding residential program will be one of three held across Africa in 2019. The Ghana session will again be hosted by TIS from 24 July – 1 August. It is strongly recommended for G11 and 12 students for 2019/2020 academic year.
Applications are now open and close on 6/2/19. Please visit: Further details can be found at: Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity.

Thanksgiving Service and Induction of Student Council

The Founding Family, members of the SMT, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, fellow students. We greet you all.

Dear council 19, I am sure your eyes are full of hope as you look at your new shinning badges. Your chest is bursting with pride. You have come far. As I look at the composition of the different personalities, I know we are fit for each other. In the cockpit, we have your captains Akua and I, Kendric, both passionate and principled. Everyone else that the council is comprised proved long before they were elected that they were worthy of leading the school. We saw Ofori, with his voice like Kirk Franklin unaware that he would be more than the leader of the microphone but would also lead his hostel.

John with his Herculean structure, standing high above others, proving to us that he would be a leader of men. Steve with his eccentric sense of style, shattering the status quo and going on to lead his fellow Francis boys. We saw our famous Belle, the perfect paradox of a timid but confident lady, morph into our beautiful Catherine Hostel Prefect. Chelsea’s vibrant personality painting the hostel with her positivity and passion, unaware that she would become one of our hostel prefects. Ayeyi with her caring nature, always the source of good advice, one to become the caring leader of her hostel. We saw Christal, as a dashing Lumiere, this time announcing“I am heeeerrrrreeee” as a Cecilian hostel prefect. Phoebe, spirit-filled Phoebe, leading us through a compelling time of worship and offering advice, would become our chapel executive. We saw Kodjo run his hardest during the athletics carnival ignorant to the fact that he would run with the same vigour and zeal for a different race, the prefectship race. India cut through the pool with her streamlined body and won countless awards for her sporting ability, and she would also become our very own sports executive. We saw Noelle infuse life into every social gathering and we knew that this would be the same Noelle to bring life to our entertainment nights.

We saw Selali, our very own Beyoncé with her quiet authority, command respect from all of us, and we knew from then that she was born to lead. We saw Ama fight relentlessly with teachers to supervise our extended prep not knowing, she would be elected to lead the school to academic excellence. Newbies like Judah with her outspoken and vibrant personality fall in love with the MPH and make it her kingdom. And last, but not the least, Princess, an outspoken queen, naturally inclined to lead and influence, becoming our council secretary.
Leadership entails serving, setting an example and inspiring new directions. Being your student leaders, we have a charge to keep with the God we glorify, a task to uphold with the actions we take and the discipline to persevere despite the challenges we face. Matthew, Chapter 20, verse 26, states that whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. It is with this scripture that 2019 Council is prepared to live by. We are prepared to serve you and to make this journey smoother, we need your cooperation and your dedication to enhance the excellence of TIS.
Thank you.
Kendric and Akua HOC – TIS

Have a lovely week.