Dear Parents

Grade 9 Geography Trip Reflections  

The Grade 9 Geography students embarked on a fieldtrip to the Ghana Meteorological Authority at East Legon on 8 March, 2019. The students were accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Michael Odame and assistant librarian, Ms.  Setor Addih.  The trip was to enable the students to describe and appreciate the methods of collecting and measuring meteorological data. Feedback from the students indicate that the trip was very interesting and educative. They were given the opportunity to experience the recording, processing and forecasting of weather elements.     We wish to express our gratitude to the management of Tema International School for giving us the opportunity to undertake this trip. We also appreciate the kind support of Mr. Richmond Obeng, a Meteorologist at the station, for educating us on the use of weather instruments.   Please find below some reflections from the students. (Michael Odame- Geography Teacher)

On Friday, March 2019, we visited the Ghana Meteorological Authority.  We learnt the different elements of weather and their measuring instruments. We were given the opportunity to observe the use of instruments such as, hygrometer, sunshine recorder, rain gauge and many others. The hygrometer, for instance, measures the  humidity of the air and uses the principle of human hair to work. When the air is moist, the hair contracts and when the air is dry, the hair expands again. All-in-all, the trip was very enlightening, and interesting. I look forward to going for a trip like that in the future. – Joshua Mefful

On Friday, 8 March, my classmates and our teacher went to the meteorology agency to study about climate and the weather and how it is broadcasted to the world. When we got there, we had an hour lecture on the agency, its branches and its stations. They also briefed us on the instruments used to measure weather elements such as, rain gauge for rainfall, thermometers for temperature of the day and know the amount of rainfall. We were later on sent to the field where all the measurements for the wind speed, temperature, rain, sunshine and every other variables are measured. After the field we went to the forecast studio room where the current weather and upcoming weather reports are recorded and sent to news stations for broadcasting and inform the community. Two of our colleagues were given the opportunity to forecast the weather for the next 24 hours.  The Geography trip was very educative as I learnt a lot. Mafina Amoako


Grade 7 Guidance Lesson – Who am I?

Preparing the minds of students at this early stage helps them to have a glimpse of their future by telling people about who they are, their people, heritage, family, favourite things and lifestyles, changing, steps to change and tomorrow.

Thus, in transitioning to adult life, it starts from the decisions they make now and the life journeys to be travelled to achieve success. The “Who Am I?” project gives students the opportunity to explore:

  • Who they are;
  • Dreams and aspirations of who they want to become in future;
  • Life stages and processes that enable a person to become successful.

Student Reflections Grade 7 Guidance Class- Who Am I?

My Tomorrow- Imagine that it is 20 years from today (you are 34 years old). Write a letter to a friend describing your life up to this point. Mention your profession, family, and lifestyle.  (Minimum of a paragraph)

“Hi, it’s been 20 years, and I hope you are fine. I just wanted to tell you that right now I am working as a heart surgeon in London and the income is great and I am happily married with four kids. My husband is a banker and my two oldest a set of twins, are 16 and the youngest set are 12, I just wanted to inform you on this. Speak to you later. Bye”.   Dzidzor Mac-Deh

Hello Joel, I  am writing this letter to you to tell you how I’ve progressed in my life so far. Right now at this moment, I’m a footballer ready to become an entrepreneur. My family and I are doing just fine, being able to afford the best things of life to make our lives easier and faster. Let me know when you’ve read this letter and please send me feedback”. Dzifa Elikem Amewu

“Dear Susan, I am 32 years old and I am a practising law by profession. I am married to a God fearing man who has a lot of integrity. I live a very calm lifestyle but I am still able to cater for my family”.  Annette Ajavon

“When I grow up, I would like to be a good and hard working mother of two beautiful kids, and a surgeon as a profession. I want to be a good example and counselor for the youth and someone to rely on for all”.  Afua Osei-Boakye

Enjoy the rest of your day,