Dear Parents

Transcripts and Recommendations

Parents who are seeking transcripts and/or recommendations must request these by emailing [email protected]  Requests should be made by 28/2/19 and include the email address and contact details of relevant admission officers. These documents will only be sent directly to schools or colleges and not agents. Sufficient time must be provided for any request. Sudden deadlines are not our problem.


Personal Project Mini Workshop

Following the Dubai workshop and the last staff meeting which focused on teachers becoming supervisors for MYP Projects, we had a mini workshop on Personal Project to shed more light on what is expected to produce a successful PP and how teachers can effectively assist students in this area.

As a new authorized MYP school, it is has become prudent that we prepare ahead of our first moderation in 2020 by implementing structures and processes required to guide our students to become independent learners, in order to achieve the best grades/results. Currently, teachers are focused on their major roles and project coordinators as a team intends to prepare a structure together with the DP Coordinator on how to effectively manage supervisory responsibilities with regards to projects and EE in order to avoid workload. Hence, the first mini PP workshop.
The workshop outlined the three major components of PP, which includes the product/outcome, The process journal and the report, some examples of successful PP projects were displayed to give teachers an idea of what the completion looks like and lastly, teachers had the opportunity through an activity to mimic what students have to do during the PP.

Teachers seem confident about the projects after the workshop and more of this platform has been encouraged to keep the communication running. We also shared a few pictures on Twitter and we had a comment from Laura England, a co-author of an IB approved Personal Project handbook titled Skills for Success.

Thanks for being part of the TIS family.