Dear Parents

Three-Way Interviews

3-way interviews (student, parents and teacher) will be conducted from 7.30am -1.00pm on next Friday, 22 March, from 7.30am-1.00pm. This is the last day for this mid-semester and students may leave hostels with their parents following interviews. Online bookings for interviews are now open until 11.00am next Thursday.

To book an appointment, please go to:

Use this code:  wzh8a

If you have any difficulties, please contact Ken. You will need to know your child’s teachers to book.

Walk-in interviews for non-scheduled appointments between 7.30am-1.00pm may be available depending on bookings made.

For international parents, please email Ken if you would like some skype interviews with teachers after students return from the mid-term break.

Appeal towards Milicent’s open heart surgery

Dear TIS family,

The heart is essential to the functioning of the body, and without it, survival would be impossible. However, there are some children who never get the chance to live past ten years old. When a hole cuts through their hearts, the pounding causes them to feel fainter and fainter. The aching begins to swallow them, until their happiness is only a forgotten dream. Their school life, a forgotten dream; their childhood, a forgotten dream.

Twelve year’s old, Millicent Ibrahim, suffers from a hole in heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. The total cost of her surgery, anesthesia, medication, etc. is $8,000. Her single mother cannot by any means afford to pay for her life saving surgery. Millicent needs our help. This is why we are humbly pleading with students, parents and staff of the TIS family to help us raise the money needed for her heart surgery. Kindly join us on this journey, together we can, and make a difference in her life.

A big thank you to our parents for the support towards our project especially those who visited our stand at today’s Expression and Science Fair.

We are organizing a number of fundraiser events throughout the semester. You can also contact our school and make your donation or pledge towards this cause.  Have a heart, and save a life.

The clock is ticking.  

Baaba, Ayeyi, Davina (Grade 11.) CAS project


Enjoy the rest of the weekend