Dear Parents

Three-Way Interviews

3-way interviews (student, parents and teacher) will be conducted from 7.30am -1.00pm on Friday, 22 March from 7.30am-1.00pm. This is the last day for this mid-semester and students may leave hostels with their parents following interviews. Online bookings for interviews will open on 11 March until 11.00am on 21/3/17.

To book an appointment, please go to:

Use this code:  wzh8a

If you have any difficulties, please contact Ken. You will need to know your child’s teachers to book.

For international parents, please email Ken if you would like some Skype interviews with teachers after students return from the mid-term break.

Expression & Science Fair, 2019

TIS just celebrated its 15 Anniversary. We keep reflecting on our journey and inspiring new directions with a variety of initiatives towards making a difference in our community. Join us to Explore, Experience and enjoy.

What can we do to create a sustainable community? Join TIS learners as they explore sustainable solutions for a better world.

This event is a great opportunity to show case our student’s talents in music, visual arts, drama, theatre and Service projects.

Parents are invited, bring family and friends to witness the great projects of our students. Note that the exhibition will open at 10 am, the performances will start at 2:00pm. It is a day of discovery, exploration and a lot of fun.

There are many great things to look forward for:

  • Product Design, Visual Art Exhibitions by G 7 & 8.
  • CAS and Community Projects
  • Art exhibition – G 10 and G 12
  • After School Activities exhibition

Invite your family and friends. There will be food  and beverage on sale.

All proceeds go towards Community Service Projects.

 We look forward to seeing you. Join in this celebration of our Expression!

Date: 16 March

Venue: Gate 2, Administration car park

Time: Gates open at 10:00 am till 5:00pm.

Flight #7 will land in TIS, as part of Expression & Science Fair, 2019.

“Flight #7 is a recycled airplane art piece, and one of its kind! It started from a mysterious airplane which led to the Contemporary Artist and Sculptor, Nana Anoff, to intervene and preserve the vintage Challenger 600.

Every single detail, design, installation, drawing in every corner of the airplane exteriors and interiors is entirely recycled and bespoke. You will be awestruck to see such an innovative and creative art piece.

The artist, Nana Anoff, in collaboration with Ms. Rania Odaymat (Art Curator and Jewelry Artist) and The Beyond Collective have facilitated the moving of Flight #7 to our campus, where it will be for the next couple of months.”


Community Project Update – Libro Livre!

This team is passionate about the culture of Spanish, the language, their food, their cities, their way of dressing, anything Española. Benedicta, Lexi and Claris are making mini jotters for the B.E.C.E final year students at Calvary Presby, which will also serve as their Spanish notebook. Supervised by Senora Dorcas, their aim is to share the opportunity of learning Spanish in TIS with a government school without that program. So far they have made 30books and they will invite the group over and have an hour lesson of Spanish with them and a cooking class. They will prepare Tortilla de Patatas to cement their bond. Pictures and details of therefore mentioned activities will be shared in the next bulletin.

TIS RED CROSS – Independence Day – From Kpone

Embarking on this journey was eye opening. I was finally excited to administer first aid. Honestly as we went for this trip I knew that the children will faint and feel unwell but I did not think it was going to be as serious as I witnessed. Most of the children fainted due to fatigue or hunger. I developed the skill of patience when attending to the children. I also learnt how to be very attentive, due to the fact that I had to keep my eyes on the field to see if any casualty was being rushed to the Red Cross tent. I am also very proud to say that I spoke in my mother tongue to some of the children making it easier for me to understand them and making it easier for them to understand me, and I believe I exhibited one of the IB Learner Profile attributes which is being a communicator. Going for this volunteer service made me realise that I am very privileged and I shouldn’t take anything for granted. Ayeyi Hammond, G11

I had never witnessed the 6 March parade in person, but this year I had the opportunity, as a Red Cross member. The parade we attended was in Kpone located in Katamanso District. This 6 March parade allowed me to acquire a lot of skills and also apply skills I already knew. Even before the programme, we attended to some students who felt dizzy, who were complaining of headaches, who were vomiting, and who had stomach upsets and With the help of our patrons and other Red Cross members, we were able to administer medicines like glucose, paracetamol, ORS and others. During the programme, we also attended to some casualties like students fainting.

I got to know how to take care of a fainted person and administer drugs. Some students I took care of were in a hurry to go and join their school group to march or continue to march and that really shows the dedication and effort they have put into this parade. At the end of the programme, prizes were awarded to the best 3 schools who marched well and after. Food prepared by Indomie Ghana was given to the students who participated in the parade. To conclude, I got to experience the 6 March parade and see how dedicated and patriotic the students who participated are to Ghana. Bervelyn Sawyerr-Markwei. Grade 11.

Before I knew what this trip was going to entail, I volunteered to be the person carrying the casualties to the Red Cross station. But I had no idea how much this job actually required of me. Doing this job allowed me to interact with some of the students and teachers and also demanded that I patrolled through the students at all times to ensure their safety.  It taught me how to work with children and make them feel comfortable even when they are in pain. Davina, Grade 11

Attending my first Red Cross National Service event was a different experience obviously as it was my first time. It was very interactive as we had to ask the students marching if they were okay or, if they needed attention and all. As someone who wants to study medicine, it was a first step in the right direction as it reminded me of why I want to study medicine; which is because I like helping people and I want to be able to help and save lives. Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one!! John Quartey, Grade 11

Enjoy the rest of your day.