Dear Parents


  • TeamTIS ALAMAU departs next Friday for the 2019 conference.
  • Our G10 and G12 students who will complete their mock exams on Friday, 15/3/19.

Let Them Play

Kofi Asante and Eugene Apegyi believe that children can learn through play.  On their first visit to Save them Young Orphanage, they realized the kids did not have toys and sometimes they keep to themselves or tend to fight with each other because they were mostly idle. Let them Play, seeks to ignite the children at the home through positive play learning. In view of this they raised funds and collected old toys to donate to the kids in order to achieve this goal. Supervised by Auntie Abigail, the team has been able to purchase over forty different kinds of learning toys and a number of old toys collected from peers and through donations. We can’t wait to share the smiles, the Toys Donation will bring. Kofi Asante is looking into how he can understand Play Therapy for his future Personal Project.

Enjoy your weekend.