Dear Parents

Science Corner

MYP 4 chemistry students last week were introduced to the Mole concept and the Avogadro’s constant. To do this, students were tasked to calculate the amount of chalk particles they use to write their names on walk ways in the school community.

The practical experiment that we had on Tuesday was a very fun experience for me. In class, we just started stoichiometry and we learned how to use moles to find the number of particles and the mass of a substance using the Avogadro’s constant and vice versa. For our experiment, we had to work in pairs, to find out how many particles of clacium carbonate (chalk) we used to write our names on the pavement. I think that this experiment has really helped me put my knowledge of stoichiometry into practice and in a suitable context. – Araba Egyei-Mensah

It was fun! Once I saw the questions, my partner and I were a bit confused, but after we read through we started to actually look forward to it. The experiment involved using chalk to write our names on the pavement, then calculating the amount of chalk that had depleted. We did this to better understand what we were learning about Avogadro’s Constant (6.02214086 × 1023 mol-1). – Nana Ama Boakye

TIS Insight TV

Insight TV is a CAS Project originally initiated by Alumni, Allan Aryeetey, Alec Quaye, and Nana Kwame Brown, DP Class of 2016. The aim of the project was to video all the happenings and upcoming events in school and report it as and when it demands, they had an Instagram page. This project has been handed down over the years, currently the leaders of this group are David Ahaishie, Davina Yawson and Steve Williams, and supervised by our Dance tutor, Mr. David Difie.  The new team, in addition, has created a YouTube channel and in the form of a video, reports global news, updates, school events and students’ life every Monday morning during assembly. They plan to expand their video content with the aim of entertainment. The latest addition to the channel will amaze you! Living by our school’s vision to respond to the needs of our community and becoming more internationally minded, we are learning basic Sign language with assistance from Mr. Felix Owiredu, Learning Support. To join us kindly subscribe to the Insight TV channel on YouTube to watch all our videos and check out the first episode of our sign language video. We are sure the Alumni initiators of this project will be very proud and ecstatic to learn that the dream lives on. The links as follows; – TIS Insight TV – Sign Language, Episode 1


Happy Independence Day.