Dear Parents

Best Advice From Staff

‘You have learnt more than enough. Focus on what you can do. Answer very well the questions you can and try your hands on those you cannot. Your best will always be enough’. Wish you well. ~Gabriel

Our dearest DP2s and Grade 10s, you all deserve nothing less than the best. May unusual insight and retentive memory be yours as you write your papers.

It’s only an exam. Give it your best shot and come out with flying colours. We wish all the very best. ~Learning Centre Team

Dear Candidates,

All too soon, it is time for you to write your final exams. While you are preparing for this exam, we would like you to consider these few guidelines. Ensure you get enough sleep to get well rested, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Engage in exercises and other fun activities to calm your nerves and relieve yourself of stress.

Most importantly, carefully read through all instructions to gain understanding of the question before you answer.

Finally, put in your personal best, remember you have all it takes to excel in this examination.

We believe in you and our prayers are with you all. We wish you the very best. ~College Guides.


When you enter the exam hall from Monday with a positive mindset, you’re bound to succeed. Good luck with your exams. Keep making us proud! ~Ben Darko (Head of Department- Individuals and Societies)

To our Grade 10 and 12 students – Understanding a question will make you provide an outstanding answer. To wit: read the instructions and questions carefully, produce an outline of how to approach the question(s) and have a majestic ride.

You are a success, just let it manifest. ~Emmanuel Gyamfi Sampong (Economics & Geography IB Educator)


Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. –Harriet Beecher Stowe ~Angela


Support/ Mock Exam revision lessons for DP2 Economics students (Student reflections)

This exercise was productive because we were able to revise topic areas which I had overlooked. I think we should do more of these stimulating exercises because it opens our minds to areas where we might have forgotten. – Mandy Adjei

This class was a very fruitful one which I enjoyed very much. We managed to thoroughly go through vital aspects of the syllabus and this has certainly made me well equipped for our upcoming Mock examination. Moreover, having the class outdoors allowed me to relax as I didn’t feel confined within the walls of the classroom, and this added to the interactive nature of the class, led by the amazing Mr. Darko. – Kofi Sakyi-Addo

The economics recap session at the cafeteria was a very fruitful and beneficial class not just for me but for the class a whole.  It was a new studying environment in which group discussions were held over topics that were studied a while back. We had the opportunity of hearing different perspectives to answering questions and strategies to learning topics that we had forgotten about. We had the opportunity to practise oral learning skills which were very beneficial as it became easier for us to recall what we learnt as we came to understand topics in our own way. – Maurice Quartey

During our economics class, we had a revision session where we reviewed content under microeconomics. This was helpful because I got to review things that I had forgot. Furthermore, we went over how to respond to the examination questions such as “explain”, “outline” and “evaluate”. This improved my understanding on how to properly answer questions and maximize the examination time.  Overall, this was a necessary activity that has allowed me to quickly revise microeconomics. – Abena Amo

In preparation for our mocks, my economics class had a quick run through the syllabus in groups of two. By the end of the lesson, we covered one section out of the 4 sections of the syllabus. The class was very productive because I realized the areas of learning I needed to fill in. Again, I enjoyed the serenity of the environment because I believe it facilitated a fruitful production. – Mamle Kwao

This study session was very efficient as I have not had enough time to study the entire syllabus. The study elaborated on certain topics and concepts, such as J curve, which has broadened my understanding. I would like to see this method of learning being implemented into other subjects. – Ohene Berchie Acheamfour

The study session was good and helped me understand certain topics which I did not understand. – Delase Apreku

Today’s lesson was different from our usual lessons. It was very insightful and I was able to learn a lot from my peers. I think this is an effective way of learning and should be done more often, maybe once a week. – Nanaa Amoabea Larbi

Today’s class was effective as we were out of the normal class environment. We had the opportunity to discuss our knowledge in economics with each other and considered different perspectives. This made valuation easier as different people gave different opinions. – Ewurakua Obeng-Nkansah

On the 28 February, 2019, we had an interactive Economics session at the cafeteria. Our class was divided into two groups which was led by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Darko. This interactive session was really helpful because it served as a crash course on the whole syllabus ranging from Micro, Macro, International and Development Economics. I particularly enjoyed the session because I heard the different perspectives of my grade mates on the aforementioned topics. – Alistair Kirk

Enjoy the rest of your day.