Dear Parents

Best Advice

Our exam candidates in G10 & 12 are moving closer to their finish line when their mock exams commence on Monday. These exams will conclude on 15 March. These exams allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of course requirements.

Poor traditions include cramming until the last minute and trying to survive with as little sleep as possible. The end result is predictable, disappointing and/or surprising.

My best advice includes:

  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual with the goal of a good night’s sleep by not rising in the darkness of early morning.
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Shun all social media and visual media (movies, series, etc.)
  • Walk six times around the sports field each day.
  • Arrive early at the designated exam venue.
  • Read questions closely and carefully.
  • Manage and maximise the exam session to complete all exam requirements.
  • When exam papers are returned, remember the feedback is more important than the grade.
  • Refine your final study plan based on what the mocks reveal for you.
  • No excuses: just better….. discipline….or focus…..or commitment……or effort….or less distractions.

Community Project Updates

In the last bulletin we mentioned how enthusiastic our MYP Year 3 students are taking action for their various community projects. Our presentation day is fast approaching and students are working steadily towards 16 March which is also the Expression and Science fair day. We invite all parents and friends of TIS to come and witness the various projects that students have undertaken as an action towards becoming responsible citizens. We are very proud of our MYP Year 3 students who have indeed proved to be caring young people who are eager to help create a better and a more peaceful world. We will share a few photos of preparation and updates so far.

Bug Off Donation

The “Bug off” community project by Masere and Melike was published in last week’s bulletin about how excellent their presentation to staff was. This project is to create awareness about Malaria and donate mosquito repellant and nets to the children at Calvary Presby School. This week they had an ice-cream fundraiser and received 20 bags of mosquito nets from the Language Acquisition department.  We are over the moon happy about this donation and “Bug off” wants to say Thank you! The next stop is to have a presentation on Monday’s assembly and then later at Calvary which will culminate their campaign. “Bug Off” is receiving donations of mosquito repellent and nets as well as cash. To donate to this worthy cause kindly call or send in to the TIS Voda no +233503849799 and reference as “Bug Off please. Thank you in advance.

Education for All

Education for All is by Hello, Awo Apreku and Phoebe Osei supervised by Auntie Setor. Their main aim is to convince people in influential position to act and attention on Save them Young Orphanage by creating a website.  During their investigation visit, they  found out that  the home relies solely on donations and contributions. Caretakers never go breaks because the homes run from 24/7. They have had 2 sandwich fundraisers and received donations during the Career Fair. They intend to support a brilliant child to go to school. Educate them is calling on parents and all friends of TIS to donate to this worthy cause to enable them to touch a life and make an impact.  To make a donation, kindly call or send cash to the TIS Voda no +233503849799 and reference as “Education for All”.  Thank you in advance.

One Pole One Goal

This Project by Nuku, Seyram and Emmanuel based on their common interest, football, was quick to identify an authentic need at Save Them Young Orphanage when they paid their exploration visit to the home. This team realized that the children were playing football with a plastic bottle and used stones to create a goal post. In their presence of the children one was hurt when he accidently kicked pass the stone set to be a goal post. Sympathetically, the group One Pole One Goal was formed, aimed at raising funds to purchase 2 footballs and build a Goal post for the home. Currently, they have raised enough money for the items and contemplating if they should hire the services of a carpenter or purchase the items from Decathlon. They are in conversation with their supervisor, Sir Joe to consider factors before an option.

JJA Book Bank

JJA is the abbreviated names of the initiators of this community Project, Jefferson, Jason and Amponsah supervised by Mr. Adipah. These enthusiastic young men are raising funds to purchase Primary School text books for the primary school children at Save them Young Orphanage. During the last visiting Sunday, they sold bookmarks to parents and visitors to raise funds towards their goal.  When they visited the home, they took a  list of books needed and have so far raised a good amount of money to cater for about 10 pupils, but their target is 30 pupils. To raise more money, raffle tickets for GH¢5 will be on sale and winners stand the chance of a huge teddy bear or a laptop Bag. Purchase you tickets with Jefferson, G8, and make sure you get lucky next week Saturday during entertainment.

Have a great week.