Dear Parents

Save This Date: 22 March

3-way interviews will be conducted from 7.30-1.00pm on Friday, 22 March. This is the last day for this mid-semester and students may leave hostels with their parents following interviews. Online bookings for interviews will open on 11 March. More details next week.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. – Margaret Fuller

As lifelong learners, the Reading Club engages curious minds through various activities. This week’s activity includes Conversation Game, Trivia and Book review. Here are some reflections from Bervelyn and Immanuel:

“Wednesday’s reading club meeting is always engaging and educative. The activities we engaged in were getting to know each other, conversation game (having a set of words and forming meaningful questions with all the words then answering them) and book review. The aim of these activities was to improve our vocabulary, teach us how to ask the right questions and pay attention to punctuation as well. The book review activity is something new we started this semester to enable readers recollect what they have read and shared with  the members through book reviews, other members became interested in reading the book that was reviewed, especially if the review was good. Even though we made mistakes in pronunciation and other stuff related to the conversation game, we were corrected. We will apply it in our everyday conversations. I encourage students who are not part of the reading club to join since it is both interesting and educative. Even if you are not a member, I encourage you to read anything you lay your hands on from your textbooks, to novels, to news, and others to improve not only on your vocabulary but your grammar and language and grow your interest for books.” – Bervelyn Sawyerr-Markwei. Grade 11.

“The Reading club was very interesting and fun. At first, when I heard about the Reading Club I thought it was all about just coming and reading a book but when I joined for the first time it was activity based. We were paired and given some papers with questions on them and we were supposed to ask our pairs and make them answer them, which was really fun.  The next activity we did was forming meaningful sentences with a set of words given to us. (Conversation Game). Though quite challenging, but really fun, we were taken through how to review a book and its significance. I would like to encourage my friends to join the Reading Club because it helps to improve your reading skills, communication skills and social skills”. – Immanuel Frimpong Grade 8

Enjoy the rest of your weekend