Dear Parents

Much has been said about the online assessments that the MYP uses. They are the e-assessments for Language and Literature (English), the Sciences, Mathematics and the Humanities and the e-portfolios for Language Acquisition, Physical and Health Education and the Arts. The current MYP5 class (Grade 10) has successfully trialled formal online assessments when they were in MYP4 (Grade 9). This academic year our first students will be taking part in the IB MYP assessments which lead to IB MYP certification. As with the DP, there are rules and regulations which govern the entry to and participation in the online assessments and our valued parents should be the first to understand what these are.

As this is a new style of assessment to TIS, we are offering parents an opportunity to visit us and experience what their wards will have an opportunity to do by way of online assessments. This will also be an opportunity for parents to meet teachers one-to one to find out what can be expected of the courses that their wards are studying.

For this purpose, there will be a Parent Information and Meet the Teacher session next week at school on 20 September 2019 starting at 9.00am. Barely two weeks after this information session, MYP5 students will be asked to confirm their subject entries for the IB MYP May 2020 examination session. Parental support is an integral part of this process. Book 20 September 2019 from 9.00am as a date to visit TIS to learn more about the online assessments of the MYP.

~Yvonne Tagoe, MYP Coordinator