Dear Parents

We are excited to have our new friends join us for 2019/20 academic year. Our newbies arrived on campus Wednesday 21August, after a 3-day orientation in house full of bonding and getting to know their new environments, the newbies took a trip to City Escape, Prampram to culminate the orientation.

City Escape is a residential hotel with sports, playground, and swimming pool and game station arcades facilities. Our newbies were treated to a range of collaborative activities, stress management session and building lasting friendship discussions.

The group had lots of fun, swimming, playing basketball, football, going on the swings and enjoying the 3D-7D games in the arcade. After a fun filled day, the newbies arrived on campus by 4:30pm.

TIS is a good and well organised school. The students and staff are very welcoming and nice. Some of the facilities available on the campus are also fantastic. I hope to have an amazing year here. The trip helped me to open up more in a fun space. ~Lyman Cisse, G10

It was a really nice opportunity to get to know our grade mates and to learn how to handle the stress because. Aunty Grace was really nice and let us know we can depend on her and  other teachers to support us as the youngest members of the TIS Community. She helped me understand that, I can manage any problem or situation that comes my way and I get through it with time. ~Ama Mac-Deh, G7

When I first came to the school, I was a bag of emotions. I was anxious and excited. I felt bombarded by the multiple rules and how things were supposed to be done but fantastic  people like Nadia, Nannette and Aku made the experience more enjoyable. One of the most  daunting tasks was making friends but the “icebreaking” exercises at City Escape Hotel made it less daunting. I’ve enjoyed my
time at TIS so far and can’t wait for more experiences! ~Anon, G9

Friday was a very fun experience, along with enjoying, fun activities. We learnt how to handle stress and some situations that cause stress.With all this information, I know it will be easier when my school anxieties sets in. ~Agormah , G8

Friday was fun and interesting. I climbed on an elephant, I watched my friends swim, we played on the bouncy castle for so long that it deflated and I got stuck .when Casey, Theona, Jeneveive and I played sharks and mermaids the water was freezing and I learnt that when you are stressed, you should relax play games. ~Theone, Emily, Keona, G7

Last Friday, we learnt a lot. We learnt how to control our stress and how to interact with other students in different grades. There was a lot of different games and activities and it was fun. There were different cases as we tried to solve them as a group. At a point, we weren’t happy because we enjoyed it but after some time we really enjoyed and understood the real use and reasons of that trip. The group patrons helped and explained 2 new words, stress and anxiety. In conclusion, this trip has really helped me. ~Cherifatou, G8

Friday was a very fun day. On that day, I got an experience of stress I would feel when school starts on Monday. It was also very educative. Aunty Grace really did a great job with the Grade 7s on Friday. I understood stress and also when handling stress, you must be calm, and have a mind of concentration. I would like to say I am going to be ready for the things coming ahead. ~Terrie Tenge, G7 

The first day of school was nerve wracking but as we settled in, we realized that it wasn’t as scary as we thought it would be. There were a lot of friendly peer buddies, students, and staff. We participated in several activities such as the spider-web challenge and stress relieving
games. We think that we would enjoy our future experience at TIS. The trip mainly help me to open up more with other newbies. ~Arlene Emefa and Farida, G9


Thank you for choosing TIS.