Dear Parents

Admissions for 2019/2020 are now open. It benefits TIS if our admissions process is completed early for planning purposes.

Online aptitude testing replaced the traditional entrance exam last year and was appreciated by applicants. This change has two benefits for students:

  • it eliminates any bias for students studying under different school curriculum programs; and
  • the test can be completed at TIS at any time convenient to the student (and parents) and TIS.

You can’t study for an aptitude test. However, you will enjoy it if you are a reader, and you enjoy maths and writing. Reports from the test will be available and identify particular strengths and areas for attention, as well as predicting the likely result for the student in MYP and DP final exams.

Consequently, there will be no fixed testing dates. Families should advise TIS of suitable dates and times so that the testing can be completed.

Detailed information about admission to TIS and the process can be found at:

For assistance, please contact Rita: [email protected]

Enjoy the rest of your day. I appreciate your support