Dear Parents

At this time of the year, when the final examinations for MYP5 have not yet begun and e-portfolios have not been completed, the thought of planning the IB Diploma (DP) seems so far away.

Looking at it from another perspective shows that, in reality, there is not much time left to plan for the IB DP for those students in MYP5. At this time, students should be considering 4 things.

  1. Their interests in specific academic subjects – what they want to continue studying at DP
  2. Understanding the requirements of the DP courses they want to take (prerequisites and prior knowledge).
  3. Their strengths in academic study so far in those
  4. Making a well-informed judgement as to whether to take their subjects at Standard or Higher

Considering these points reduces the amount of time taken on a course at DP level which a student might decide to change after Grade 11 has started. It also allows students to leave school at the end of the semester for the long holiday with a clear plan for how they will start the next academic year and what subject choices they will make when they arrive for familiarisation in Grade 11.

As part of developing the IB continuum at TIS, MYP5 students will begin to plan (this semester) their transition into the DP. There will be transition classes from the 26 May till the 2 June 2020. All MYP5 students will be back on timetable to take part in subject lessons of their choice to get an understanding of what will be required of them in these subjects at the DP level. As the first MYP5 group to move to the DP, MYP5 students will also be expected to demonstrate the IB learner profile attribute of ‘inquirer’ to s they can during their discussions with their current and future teachers by the 2 June 2020.