Dear Parents

They are back!  Our  passionate Project Coordinators who attended a regional workshop in Dubai – MYP projects (Personal project and community project) Category 3. They simply can’t wait to share with the TIS community.

“Essentially, I would like to appreciate school management for the opportunity to experience a face to face IB workshop for the first time.

My colleague, Sylvester, and I attended an IB Workshop in Dubai, specifically on MYP Projects. Indeed it was remarkable to meet IB educators all over the world sharing best practices and challenges. It was quite interesting to notice that we all had common stories to share, school or country notwithstanding. I was fascinated as to how much they freely share, we came back with many resources, and all we have to do is read and refer in order to guide supervisors and students accordingly.

The two and a half day workshop was held in Uptown School, Dubai with over 300 participants and 16 sessions running concurrently. The first day was insightful and intense; we delved into the similarities and differences of PP & CP and had very good discussions about the role of project supervisors. Our workshop leader, Katey Beates, was inspirational; she led the different topics with such poise and allowed many interactions that gave the group the chance to share ideas. Angela Noor, a CP Coordinator from Emirates International, shared that she always gives at least 6 topic themes for students to develop project ideas as a way of managing their big, dreamy ideas. I realized that was equally helpful comparing it to what we do in TIS, where Grade 8 students are taken on a ride around the community (4-6 locations) to choose one area and develop a project based on their personal interest.

The workshop was educative, informative, collaborative, resourceful and engaging. It is my hope that other colleagues will have the opportunity to experience a face to face, that way we will all be singing the same tune and steering towards a common goal.”  Grace Kabukie Atthram – Service in Action and Community Project Coordinator


“Just as the saying goes, “great minds think alike,” I have had a very good experience with a group of wonderful and collaborative people across the globe with great minds led by a good experienced workshop leader. Though this happened to be my first time, it seemed to me as if I have been an IB educator all my life. Grateful and thankful to management and Founding Family for the opportunity.”  Sylvester Wellington – Personal Project Coodinator, Art and Product and Design Teacher