Dear Parents

Mooting is an advocacy competition which enables you to develop your communication, teamwork, and legal research skills. This year’s competition was organised by the University of Dundee in collaboration with Ghana International School (GIS). It was hosted by GIS at their campus in Accra. Participation is in three internal stages of competition: the First-Year Mooting Competition, the Internal Mooting Competition, and the Commercial Mooting Competition. Team TIS did not take the competition lightly at all, but did their best and
emerged as proud winners, beating GIS and Al-Rayan contestants. Congratulations, TeamTIS, we are so proud of you!!! They were presented certificates of participation and generous gift vouchers! Leadership and the TIS school community say well done! Ayekoo! Thanks for your efforts and we were are happy to receive this report from Peter (University of Dundee Mooting Facilitator) – “TIS students were more confident, respectful and on top of their game-impressive!” Kudos Team TIS!!!


Honestly, in the beginning of the mooting practice, I had assigned myself a note taker to be a spectator and not have to go through the anxiety of talking in-front of my peers from different schools, but when Professor Peter from Dundee University saw our practice, he prompted me to take up the opportunity and I did. I do not regret it, coming in first place was not easy, going home prepping till 2am to make sure my speech was close to perfection, faking the confidence and making sure there was not a strand of fear in my eyes was hard enough. At the end of the day all the hard work paid off and we emerged as the winners amongst the five teams, which
was a huge accomplishment. ~Christine Adoma Agyare (Grade 11)

Though I had undergone an internship prior to the mooting competition, I gained in-depth insight into what is required as a barrister in the legal field. Despite the fact that we had very little practice, our teamwork and dedication led us to come out victorious in the competition. When tensed, we tend to fumble and make petty mistakes, especially bearing in mind the professional judge grading our every move. Thus, it was very vital to have people in the team to encourage everyone and to point out certain errors made during the competition. Even without speaking in front of the judge, I was able to contribute towards the victory of the group as we worked in one unit. I am confident that this experience will give me a leverage, as I commence life as a lawyer, especially beginning in university.  ~Princess Asiedu (Grade 12)

Last Saturday, six nervous students from TIS took part in the first-ever Ghana Mooting Competition at Ghana International School. We competed with two other schools, GIS and Al-Rayan International School (ARIS). Both schools presented two team,s but TIS presented just one team. The competition was quite difficult as it was the first time any of us had ever partaken in anything like this. We were not perfect, we didn’t do everything right but with hard work, dedication and team work we came in first place. It was an amazing experience and I would love to try it again. I urge everyone who wishes to practise law to also partake in such activities as they boost your confidence and public speaking skills. ~Alberta Addo (Grade 11)