Dear Parents

A key aspect of teaching and learning in the IB MYP is the inquiry cycle: Inquiry, Action and Reflection. All MYP units evolve around these three phases of learning.

Last week in TIS, students in MYP4 (Grade 9) standard mathematics class have been reflecting on the previous unit. The practice is to reflect on the previous unit before starting a new one. This also happened to be the first MYP mathematics unit for new students in MYP4.

The unit was titled, “How irrational is this?”. It was an exploration into the histories of some mathematical ideas such as radicals (root signs), rational numbers and exponential equations. A major aspect of this unit was about the development of the ATL skill, reflection. Throughout the unit, this skill proved useful as there were many instances that some strategies did not work and students had to
reflect by considering alternatives strategies to solving problems.

Below are some student reflections on the unit and their general MYP mathematics experience. My mathematical skills have improved drastically over the weeks we’ve had in school for various reasons. I now really understand MYP 4 math due to the fact that we connect maths to our daily lives, so this makes me understand how to do maths questions better. The math class so far has been lively mainly because of the non-stop contributions in class. We all help each other when it is needed and we try as much to focus in class when the teacher is explaining something to us. The ATL skills have also helped me to know how to study math including resources such as myimath. I used to struggle in maths during my first week of school until MYP maths was further broken down to my level of understanding. ~Maame Ama Osei

From the previous unit I learnt that when one technique is not working, pause and reflect on what you’ve previously learnt and apply a more efficient method. Also, the ability of practising more outside of the class and how to apply different methods on math. ~Jason Boateng

Our previous unit has been exciting because we contribute and help each other in class. As a new student in TIS, the journey has not been easy so far. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy though because I was about to start a new programme and course which uses a different approach but I know my little efforts and contributions in class will add to big results. I have observed something in class about MYP mathematics that whatever we learn in class can be applied in our daily lives. ~Emmanuella Manukure.

In the previous unit, I learnt about irrational numbers, parts of the circle and more about square root. I could do well in class exercises but when did a summative I could not do my best. I have to practise more outside the classroom. I also learnt how to apply some skills learnt in class in real-life situations. ~Eliezer Anim-Somuah

In this unit, I learnt how to follow the rules of the topics discussed and explained. We discussed the various rational and irrational numbers, angles and circle theorems which we applied to real-life situations. Overall, the unit has taught me maths can be applied in real-life situations and is useful to me. The unit has also helped me to practise my numeracy skills and improve them. ~Ramatu Ibrahim

MYP 4 Mathematics has brought to my attention that whatever topic discussed in class can be used in real-life situations. It has also helped me to understand previous maths ideas much better through contributions given in class and the resources provided such as Myimaths. I know it will not be an easy journey, but with the help of teachers and peers, I will get used to the MYP way of learning. ~George-Houtman Hagan

Thank you for being part of the TIS family