Dear Parents

Right from Early Years to Upper Primary, ICT is an indispensable tool in the PYP curriculum framework. The use of technology supports learning in different ways, for instance, during PowerPoint presentations, research tasks, quizzes and games. It is also relied upon at various times, such as during inquiry, morning assemblies, and play time. Through technology, inquiry is optimised, understanding is deepened and more opportunities are created for further learning. Primary students are always excited when they have to use ICT for learning. On this platform, they are exposed to online teaching tools like Mindmeister, Coggle, Padlets and a lot more, all of which are employed in their presentations and collaboration.

An online game like Kahoot is also used during the learning process. This game is very flexible because it can be used in all disciplines, making learning fun and collaborative, especially when students play in groups. It is a great tool for assessing students’ understanding at the end of a lesson.

Students also make use of online learning tools like Storyjumper and Storyweaver, where they write and post their personal stories for other people to access and enjoy. This helps them in their English lessons. The Hoodamaths app is also a great tool used by Primary students for their Math practice. Another online learning tool is Edmentum Exact Path, which is used by all students. Learners go on the platform to solve questions at different levels in Math, Reading and Language. This equips them for success as they work at their own pace and progress along their unique learning paths. Again, both learners, teachers and parents rely on ManageBac for the seamless flow of student-related information, be it announcements, assignments, ongoing assessment or semester reports.

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.