Dear Parents 

A collaborative culture which is at the core of IB and PYP, is aimed at supporting transdisciplinary learning and improving learning outcomes. It is not just about teachers meeting to plan what to teach, but also, students working together with teachers, and colleagues within and across grade levels to enrich the learning experience.

Supporting transdisciplinary learning requires time and a commitment for collaboration. This includes students, homeroom teachers, single-subject teachers, non-teaching staff, and guest specialists, among others.

Collaboration supports transdisciplinary learning and ongoing reflection within the learning community. In terms of impact, students get to appreciate their identity within the learning community, recognise how the community works and accept their unique role with respect to learning within that social unit. They gain the realisation that collaboration is the foundation of good human relationships. By this, students note that their classroom is not an island, and that learning is not confined to the walls of the school. Collaboration is also a great opportunity for them to develop some social and self-management skills. When they work in groups on projects, tasks and discussions, they learn to value others’ opinions, making them more open minded.

This semester started with a collaborative learning experience with the Main Campus. Messrs. Wellington and Owusu from the Art Department deepened Onyx students’ understanding of the history and elements of art. They did a great job by coming down to students’ level to drive the concepts through inquiry. Learners, of course, had the opportunity to apply their knowledge by creating interesting art pieces.

During an inquiry into channels of communication, groups of Onyx students interviewed Primary staff on what their most preferred means of communication and why. Teachers, Administration, Kitchen, and other support staff collaborated eagerly with students to complete the assigned task.

Another amazing collaboration was between some G11 and Primary students. Teachers and learners alike enjoyed the support of the Secondary students, as they facilitated many activities during the three-day engagement. It was an awesome experience and we look forward to more of such.