Dear Parents

Another cohort (G8) is beginning the Community Project and it is evident from their enthusiasm that their classroom learning is about to come to life and their great ideas will be implemented in their own style. Their sense of independency towards the various projects is remarkable. They truly have so much potential to change the world and create an impact in the community and beyond.

To set the ball rolling, Ethan, Nana Aba and Dzidzor, who are Autism enthusiasts, embarked on a trip at the HopeSetters Autism Centre in Tema, to visit the children and investigate the happenings within the home. They had about 20-30 minutes interaction and question time with the director Aunty Baaba, as she is affectionately called, and then took a tour around the Centre.

According to her, the main objective of the centre is to engage in advocacy and awareness about autism while catering for autistic individuals to become as independent as possible and be accepted for whom they are. When asked how autistic people see the world, she narrated that they see it in their own world because they are routine and work with structure. While we may see them as special, they also think “we” are weird.

According to the home, they are motivated by little feats/achievements by the persons like picking up a spoon to eat by themselves, washing their bowl after lunch, clapping their hands and asking for water. Their main medium of speech and communication is through pictures and videos. It makes us all wonder the things we take for granted.

As part of their Community Project, the team “Who we are” (Ethan, NanaAba and Dzidzor Community Project) will invest time researching how to create pictures for the home as learning materials to facilitate classroom teaching.

Furthermore they will contribute funds to purchase cutlery, aprons and bowls for their lunch time. This is going to be an exciting experience and the outcome will indeed be impactful.   Stay tuned for the latest updates on the various
upcoming Community Projects.

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.