Dear Parents

MYP is a new system Grade 7 students are experiencing in TIS. Their reflections and views about their first unit “LE MOI (myself)” makes us believe that our students are ever ready to be on board and learning new languages to make us PROUD “GLOBAL CITIZENS”.


This has been my first unit in French in Tema International School. It was such a wonderful unit. We learnt about ‘salut mon boutchou’ which means hello pal. Under this unit we learnt about colours. I can also talk about some colours in French. I can now say that red is rouge, brown is marron, green is vert and white is blanc. I first thought “broun” was the word in French for “brown”. We also learnt the parts of the body in French. I learnt that the head is la tete, the leg is le pied, the neck is le cou and the mouth is la bouche. We also did something about advertisement and we created a blog in French. This unit has been very helpful to me because I am able to say some things in French which are the parts of the body, colours in French and create a blog in French. ~Ninette Eyram Addom)

I know that this unit has helped me because we have learnt how to count numbers in French and how to talk about myself. It also helped me know how to mention some sentences in French. ~Matthew Akafo

Dans l’unité Je Moi! Je Moi! Je Moi! J’ai appris à me décrire et à faire de la publicité en français. J’ai appris différents adjectifs à utiliser pour me décrire et cette tâche était très facile grâce à ce que j’ai appris en classe. Dans cette unité, j’ai également appris à lire ce que j’ai écrit et cela a augmenté mes compétences en français. ~Ezra Anim-Somuah

The unit we have just learnt was so fun and interesting. We learnt how to use adjectives to describe ourselves and our personalities. We also used it to describe parts of our body like: mes cheveux sont bruns. We also learnt how to describe our emotions. For example: Je suis fatigué. I think it will help me a lot when describing my mood with my friends or strangers. ~Nana Hussein