Dear Parents

In this unit, Ma Futur profession, we were put into groups so that we could put everything we had learnt in the past weeks into practice. The activity that we were tasked to do was to make a poster about a future profession that we desire to pursue. Our group then decided to choose a plastic surgeon. We are inspired by the notion that this profession was very unique and has a strong impact on the world. The activity really enhanced our research and thinking skills. This is because we first had to research on the role of a plastic surgeon and think about the IB learner profile attribute that fits this profession the most. We chose Caring and Risk-taker as the best fit among the Learner Profile attributes. This was because the surgeons always think about other people’s health and are concerned about how to solve their problems quickly. Risk-taker, because many plastic surgeons step out of their comfort zones to keep a patient’s life in their hands, which is very risky. Indeed, this unit has really unlocked certain abilities within us. We are able to transfer these into other subjects. ~Andrew Opuni, Masere Frimpong, Eliezer Anim-Somuah and George-Houtman Hagan 

During our French class, we had a group project on our future ambitions. We were to write about the roles of a profession and our group chose the banking profession (Le Banquier). We then created a poster titled, “Le Banquier professional”. We made use of mainly one verb tense, “Le future proche”, (which is constructed by conjugating the verb “aller” as a helping verb in the present tense plus the infinitive of the main verb).

In a nutshell, I think these activities have enhanced my collaboration and thinking skills and I have learned to work together with reluctant individuals. ~Selorm Essey

This unit was very exciting and involving because we had to collaborate with our group members and agree to one design idea for a poster which shows our future profession. The ATL skills we used in this unit included research and communication. ~Samuel Boateng

In this unit I was able to form sentences in French in the future tense. It was fun because we collaborated and did group works about professions and we also learnt how to talk about other professions we wish to do. The ATL skills we used included research and communication. ~Nana Akua Adjei Boadu

This unit has been interesting so far. I have learnt how to form sentences in French using futur proche. ~Emmanuella

From this unit we discussed our future aspirations or occupations. We had to apply the research and collaboration in order to complete tasks. ~Jason Van-Tay

This unit has been very interesting because of tasks we were assigned and the people we interacted with. This unit helped me understand the different ways of saying sentences in the future tense and the different professions. ~Daniel K.G. Martin Junior

This unit has been very helpful as it has made aware of several careers and how to talk about them in French. During the unit I was able to improve upon my communication skills. This was seen during our group work. We had to communicate different career paths on our poster. It also helped me to be more creative as I had to think of new and innovative ways to present my findings on the different
careers paths. ~Seyram

In this unit I learnt a lot I did not even imagine. My group members have been very collaborative. We mostly used our collaboration and communication skills as a group to discover findings for our project. ~Godfred

This unit has been very insightful and interesting. I have been able to learn about many careers I didn’t know about and how to speak about them in French. This unit had definitely improved my speaking and research skills. It has also opened my eyes to interesting career options. ~Ama Andoh

In our current in French we learnt how to communicate about our future. This included careers and the things that we would like to do when we grow up. We were able to collaborate on a better level and communicate with each other. ~Ohemaa

During this unit we studied some professions and the various works each person engages in. It helped us to know what we want to be in future and what the jobs basically entail. It improved our collaboration skills because we did most of our work in group. It was definitely an exciting unit. ~Nana Achiaa Mansa Bonsu

This unit has helped me to improve my French vocabulary. I also learnt about other professions. This has helped me to able to communicate with others, but not fluently. ~Kelvin Komlah

In this unit, I have learnt a lot about the various kinds of professions, the future tense and their use. It has helped me to improve my vocabulary and also my knowledge in French. ~Eugene Apegyi

This unit has really informed me about the various jobs in French and structure in which I have to conjugate it. It has even helped me improved my vocabulary. ~Jason Boateng

For this unit, researching about “Les professions” has given me interest to research deeper into my future career. I learnt a few things I wasn’t aware of in French. For example, how to say I want to this or that…Through the use of the collaboration skills, I learnt about a chef
and his duties. This unit was very helpful. ~Jaden

This is the second unit we have treated this semester. It has been very interesting and amazing. During the unit I learnt how to say what I want to be in  the future. I was also paired in a group which enhanced my collaboration and research skills. This unit has also helped me improved my grammar in French. ~Emefa