Dear Parents

For easy identification of our students’ personal effects in school, we recommend labels to be fixed on all their belongings. In this regard, TIS has established contact with a service provider – Incredible Labels to produce labels
for our children on order. You may contact Audrey of Incredible Labels on +233275443055 for your order or any other company of your preference. Please note that labels are to be fixed on all personal effects before school resumes from the mid-semester break.


  • Students are not allowed to make alterations to their school uniforms.
  • Students’ medication must be sent to the infirmary along with medication instructions.
  • Boys’ hair and beard must be neatly trimmed and shaved.
  • Girls’ hair length should be maintained as prescribed by the school: either shoulder length or neatly packed in a bun (like the in the picture below).


Thank you for being part of the TIS family