Dear Parent

The smiles we witnessed on the faces of the benefactors of this project were priceless. The children at Save Them Young Orphanage have yearned for learning text books for a while and it had been a challenge for any type of education to take place in the absence of learning tools. J.J.A. which stands for Jefferson, Jason and Amponsah were able to raise GHC 934 to purchase 74 different types of Kindergarten and Nursey books to cater for about 30 children at the home. They linked their project to SDG No. 4, Quality Education as they contribute to ensuring that no child is left behind, challenges notwithstanding.  The team, feeling blessed to make an impact, could not believe how so little means so much for these children as some were seen clinging the book towards their chest. Some patrons of their stand also made pledges to support their good cause. Indeed, we all need each other.


As a group, it has not been an easy collaborative experience, but we are friends too so we could get over our disagreements easily. We have learnt how to manage our time well and how to communicate better which we learnt during the planning stage and the taking action stage. We have also realized that the world is a hard place to live in, and putting a smile on someone’s face can make a big difference in someone’s life.  Jefferson, Jason & Amponsah

Enjoy the rest of weekend