Dear Parents

On Wednesday, 2 October, 2019, teachers from the Department visited the TIS Primary School Campus to learn at first-hand about the implementation of PYP and also took a tour of the ultramodern school edifice. We were well received by the staff and pioneer PYP students at the campus. We toured the various classrooms and marvelled at the ultra-modern facilities we saw.

Below are reflections from members of the department:

It was simply an amazing experience to see early years students demonstrate fundamental outcomes of an IB education. I was particularly impressed with their knowledge and understanding of the ATL skills, IB learner profile attributes, as well as units of learning at that young age. The solid foundation given to these children is certainly a head start as they journey through the IB program continuum. Kudos to their teachers who displayed utmost professionalism, commitment and care for the students during our visit. ~ Ben

It was exciting to see how the first phase of the school is very well constructed, beautifully furnished and equipped with facilities to meet an ultra-modern standard. Besides the students interacting and familiarising themselves with such facilities to become globally abreast, they are also guided through the IB educational path by renowned staff members. The staff members are welcoming and that is a distinguishing quality for the students to emulate and also aid their sound learning in such an environment. I am patiently waiting to experience the second phase. Hopefully, that is even going to be more mind-blowing. Thanks to the Founders for such an accomplishment. Long live TIS.

Truly a paradigm shift from the teacher-centred pedagogy to student-directed learning in a serene environment. A couple of students called at random to mention the unit under review, went further to state the concepts and ATL skill which show the breadth, depth and the solid foundation of learning, respectively. This shows that, learners have control of their learning with teachers serving as facilitators to reinforce learning and instill in them the confidence to be life-long learners. ~ Emmanuel

The visit to the primary campus provided me with an insightful experience of how the MYP is linked to the PYP. It was exciting to see the young ones identifying specific ATL skills, IB learner profile attributes, as well as key and  related concepts. I used to think the PYP was a preparatory ground for the IB program but after the visit, I see our primary school as the foundation and bedrock of the entire IB program. At the beginning of the academic year, we spent some time to introduce our new students to conceptual learning as enshrined in the IB curriculum. I foresee transition to the MYP by our Primary School will most likely be seamless experience for teachers and students, as the students could better appreciate the basic concepts before joining MYP classes. May I take this opportunity to thank the Founding Family of Tema International School for providing this great school. ~ Michael

I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to visit the primary school to observe how teaching & learning was organized through structured activities and role-play. The primary section will provide a more reliable human resource to feed the secondary section, with students already conversant with the IB curriculum. As strong foundation is received from the primary section, the burden for us, as teachers at the secondary section will  reduced. ~ Edward