Dear Parents

The Individuals and Societies department is excited to host a Spatial Thinking Project with MYP Geography students. This project aims to equip students with analytical and reasoning skills using place specific data. As part of the project students will have the practical and hands-on exposure to field data collection using smart forms on smart devices, digital map creation, web maps and web application developments among others.

This project is being supported by a globally recognized ESRI Partner Network (EPN) Silver Tier member located in Ghana, AccuGeospatial. AccuGeospatial is a company registered in Ghana and Nigeria that specializes in the configuration, deployment and training in Geospatial technology to meet the needs of clients. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company is creating spatial thinking awareness among students in selected high schools in Ghana.

The project will be of immense benefit to students of Tema International School for their field data collection and also equip MYP students with critical thinking skills for organizing relevant information to formulate arguments. Consequently, a team from AccuGeospatial will visit TIS to have an initial interaction with MYP 5 Geography students on Tuesday 24 September 2019 at 11:00am-12:00pm and Wednesday, 25 September at 3:00pm. Dr. Michael Odame from the Individuals and Societies department will coordinate the project in TIS.