Dear Parents

The TIS Chaplaincy, in collaboration with the College guidance team, organized a special alumni thanksgiving church service on Sunday, 19 January 2020. As part of the service, alumni of the school were given the opportunity to share their experience on some Christian values they gained whilst studying at TIS and how these values helped in shaping their lives after leaving the school. Alumni Elom Tettey-Tamakloe moderated a panel discussion on the theme: “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord” Ps 78:4. The
discussants were Jacob Robert-Mensah, Elorm Abledu, Samuel Titi-Lartey and Nana Kwame Brown. Many students expressed deep appreciation to the chaplaincy for organizing such an insightful and interactive service and hoped that the alumni would occasionally be around to strengthen their faith in God. The TIS Chaplaincy appreciate the effort of Mrs. Eunice Fianu for coordinating the programme. We are also grateful to all the alumni for spending their valuable time with us. We pray the Lord, our God continue to bless and make them fruitful in all their endeavors. ~Dr Michael Odame (Chaplain)

Zooming into the panel’s discussion, the cross-section of alumni from myriad backgrounds wowed us with their presentation and the great transformation that has taken place in their lives. It was a thought-provoking discussion worth reflecting. Thus, knowing the Lord,
developing a deeper relationship with the holy spirit at a younger age is very critical. As the Psalmist put it in Psalm 37:23 The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in his way. Special thanks to our cherished parents for choosing TIS as the educational gateway for developing and nurturing students holistically. Sunday Church Service is a sure way to be watered and grow in the Lord. Defining purpose, overcoming temptation, developing a strong faith, overcoming doubts climaxed the discussion.

From the left view-Nana Kwame Brown, Elorm Abledu, Samuel Titi-Lartey, Jacob Robert – Mensah and Elorm Tettey-Tamaklo as the panelist moderator.

Major Highlights
Nana Kwame Brown (IB Class of 2016)
• Church Service. As an active member of Genesis, leading prayers helped me develop and build a strong relationship with God. Now I pray about everything and anything.
God helped me to successfully pass my final DP exams. I was top in my class. Currently, at the Medical School at the University of Ghana, my prayer life is still helping me. I learnt this at TIS.

• Wise Friends. Choose wise friends who will help you in your faith. Proverbs 13:20 says, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But he who walks with the companion of fools will be destroyed.”

• Test of Faith. Am I a Christian? How do I know if I am a child of God? What if I drift from the word? Apologetics a field of Christianity that I am reading currently has helped me developed an intimate relationship with God., Suggested reading:

• Staff Support: The support system here is good for you to grow. Manage your time and the resources available to you. When you are stuck, ask your teachers for help.~Elorm Abledu (IB Class of 2013)

• Prefectionship: As the hostel executive for Cecila, I learnt a lot as I worked with other colleagues. Teamwork, managing my time, being organized helped me when I went to university. These opportunities should not be taken for granted.

• Purpose: Sometimes in life, we have our plans, but God has better plans for us. After my undergraduate and masters programme in the UK, I really wanted to work there but unfortunately, I did not get that opportunity. Being away from Ghana for some time I wondered how I could fit in, but with the right support and good friends, I came back to Ghana and finally got a job in a multinational company that I dreamed of. It’s always best to have faith and trust God through the process.

• Having Faith. In the midst of challenges and circumstances, we should not think and doubt our faith and God. God is always in control. We must pray too and He will help us. ~Samuel Titi-Lartey (IB Class of 2013)

• Developing Character: We must push ourselves and do what is right even though we are not prepared. Mentally prepare your mind to go through school. TIS shapes your character when you follow the rules. Morals are morals you need through life!

• Staying in the Church: Active involvement in church activities keeps you away from other things that are not good for you! Consistently playing the drums at church kept me grounded. I learnt discipline doing what you have to do even if you don’t want to.

• Overcoming Temptation and Doing Things Right. We all deal with issues one way or the other. What do we do when we are tempted? Sin is sin and it grabs a hold of you when you do it secretly. Tell a good friend someone that can help you with the situation. Once it is not kept as a secret you set yourself free because someone knows and is there to help you. You need an accountability partner or friend to check if you are doing the right thing!

• Prayer and Purpose: In our defining moments, we chase after our dreams and visions. But in the process, there may be stumbling blocks along the way. What do you do? When that happens we must pray and commit into Gods’ hands. Prayer works. Sometimes God says Yes, No, or Wait. It all works for our good. Keep your faith alive. ~Jacob Robert –Mensah (IB Class of 2011)

Overcoming Temptation: Sin is sin. How do we handle sin? You have to make a decision to stay away from certain things. Once you free your mind of things that are not wholesome you have that inner peace. James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Choices: We all have a choice to make. The decision to do wrong or right lies in our power. Once you enjoy doing the wrong things and hanging around the wrong crowd, you then see no need to do the right things. In effect, it harms you for life. Have a strong fellowship with the holy spirit. Be around godly people, watch and read things that build your spirit man.

Making Use of Opportunites: Opportunities floods your plate. They are meant to develop you and make you better. Here at TIS explore, discover yourself then you can lead the world. Don’t be in a corner doing your own thing. You will lose in the end.

And God Did It….My Testimony

Kofi Sakyi Addo shared an uplifting testimony in his walk with the Lord. Pursuing his undergraduate degree programme in South Korea, he wondered how the journey will be like.

The need to belong and connect with people in a very different cultural milieu and excel academically was a challenge. What did he do? He listed 3 things to God in prayer namely;
• Academics~Gaining a full scholarship to study in one of the best university in South Korea the requirement was to constantly maintain a GPA above 3.0.
• Sports~ I really love football. I wanted to play in the team to pursue my career and develop my talent professionally as a footballer.
• Peace of Mind~ I needed peace of mind to enable me to navigate through the system successfully.

The Results?
• Academically, Kofi passed successfully with a GPA OF 3.50.
• He got the opportunity to be shortlisted to play for the sports team which is highly competitive to get in.
• He has the peace of mind to manage things together and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.
It is inevitable that PRAYER and constant fellowship and communion with the HOLY SPIRIT works. Yes, God can do it when we put things into his hands. Trust God to come through for you and He will for his promises are YES and Amen!

Albert Kufuor-Mensah ~ Grade 9 “A conversation with some alumni during the church service, the students of TIS were lectured by the alumni of TIS about;
● What to expect when you are done with TIS.
● What not to do when attending TIS.
I personally was inspired to become a better person and focus on my studies more seriously because of this one word – Failing.

Nhyira Owusu~Grade 9 Alumni week has not only been very fun but also very advising for me. I got the opportunity to meet known alumni as well as make new friends with the alumni I did not meet in school. I was able to interact with a number of them and learn various expectations in life outside TIS (the real world). Many of their contributions and their Dos and Dont’s also advised me on how to live a balanced and sustainable life here in TIS and how I should make the most of the many opportunities available. To sum it all up I can say I had a fun week with the alumni and they have impacted me positively allowing me to very grateful for the community I am in now.

Danielle Zedomi~DP2 Sunday service with the TIS alumni was a wonderful and memorable experience. Genesis started off the service, filling the hall with an atmosphere of praise and worship. Instead of having a regular service with a preacher giving a sermon for the day, five of our alumni sat down for a question and answer session. They introduced themselves to us and talked about life after TIS. Next, an alumnus began to pose questions about their relationship with God, sin, faith, and purpose. They all discussed how they had been sheltered in TIS, and when they went into the real world they were faced with many challenges, but because the alumni held onto God, they came out victorious. The audience later began to pose their own questions so they could touch on areas they felt needed more clarity. After the service students bombarded the alumni with their personal inquiries. Overall, the main message I took from the service was to keep steadfast faith in God, never give up, and to have   a community of good people such as my friends at TIS that I can always depend on.