Dear Parents

The IB Class of 2020, “The Risk Takers”, will sit for the final IBDP examination in May. They started their Mock Examination on Monday, 2 March, 2020. This examination is to give them a taste of what to expect in May and to help prepare them adequately for the task ahead. All students have shown a good level of confidence and composure during the examinations. Some of them shared their views on the examination and how it is preparing them for the final examination.

“These mock exams have helped me psych myself up for the final exams which begin in May. It has been a great opportunity for me to get used to the protocols and rules of the final exam. This is very helpful because during the final exams, I am very confident that I will not be found wanting. Most importantly, I look forward to finishing the mocks so that we can go through the papers and freshen our memories on key concepts”.  ~Dwayne Gyateng

 “Although the mock exam is not necessarily what we would get in the final IB exam, I believe the experience is very beneficial. Preparing for it has helped me identify different revisions strategies that will be effective when studying for the final. Also, it has helped me pinpoint troublesome topics which will also help me know which topics need attention and focus. All these will help me plan out how I study for the final exam so I can efficiently manage my time.” ~Padi Nartey

  “On 2 March 2020, I started with my mock examinations. Preparing for the mocks helped me to know how to prepare for the final IB examination as the mocks are based on everything learnt during the two years of doing the DP. It helped me to structure my learning time well as I had to plan well and divide my time to cover the various topics in different subjects. I also had to balance my time as I still had to tweak my internal assessments during the mock period.” ~John Adjei

“Though it is only the first examination week, I believe this mock examination is helping me to prepare for my final IBDP assessments. To prepare for these exams, I have been able to schedule my time adequately to allow for topical revision for each subject. It has helped me to discover some problems I have with various topics and allowed me to start solving them. This examination period has also led me to practise more past papers which help me to apply all that I have learnt.” ~Davina Yawson

 “So far, I have written a few papers with the bulk coming up next week. Although I have written only a few procedures, I can confidently say I have been able to get used to the examination protocols which are very important for any final examination. In addition to this, these mocks have given me the opportunity to put my revision strategies to the test and evaluate them”. ~Temi Olufore

“It’s only been the third day of mocks but I’ve already seen how beneficial writing the mocks is for my final DP and the mocks have highlighted areas I need to go over and it has also helped me with time management and find effective ways to learn and retain information.

Apart from that, it is preparing me mentally and emotionally for the final DP exam as mocks is just a prototype. I hope to excel in the mocks since it is a reflection of my final DP scores.” ~Danielle Manteaw

Best of luck in these mock exams Grade 12. We are here to support you. Stay focused. Remain balanced.

DP Team