Dear Parent

The grade trip was an amazing experience. It was an unforgettable way to spend the last few moments together as a grade. Many more memories were made and the trip made the whole DP ‘stress’ worthwhile as we got to finally unwind appropriately- Maurice Quartey, Grade 12

This after exam trip was the perfect getaway for us to release stress and start the vacation off on a good note. It was great to spend time with friends we have gone through the DP period with. We are very grateful for the opportunity and a big thank you to Mrs. Adjavon. – Steven Opuni, Grade 12

I really want to thank the school for the amazing trip they organized. I know a lot of time and effort was put into it and for that I’m very grateful. I could not have had a more perfect way to celebrate the end of my IBDP. I honestly had such a good time. Thinking about everything that went into making this trip an amazing one makes me appreciate it even more. Thank you again. – Mamle Kwao, Grade 12

I would like to thank Mrs. Adjavon for the lovely treat she gave the class of 2019. We enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful for the opportunity. John Abbeo, Grade 12

The grade trip was awesome. Getting to eat amazing food, hanging out with friends and making unforgettable memories. I am so thankful to Mrs. Adjavon and the entire Founding Family for the trip. Abena Amo, Grade 12

The trip was truly amazing and I’m grateful for the opportunity to go on this final trip with my grade mates. From the live band performance to the boat ride; every moment was just incredible. –Frances Quartey- Baiden, Grade 12

The trip was a much anticipated one. This trip was a platform for me to bond with my grade mates and it was an amazing time with everyone. Thank you very much Mrs. Adjavon and the school for such a wonderful and unforgettable experience! – Nanaa Larbi, Grade 12

Visiting Aqua Safari was on my bucket list and one of my biggest dreams. I never thought it would be this soon. This experience allowed me to bond with my friends more. I had the chance to be a metre away from a crocodile, What joy! A page to describe the fun experience I had on this trip will be small so all I would say is a big thank you to Mrs. Adjavon for making this possible. I pray God continues to bless you and your kind heart, and keep putting smiles on your face! – Abena Okai, Grade 12

Mrs. Adjavon, a warm and a whole hearted thank you for such a wonderful trip to Aqua Safari. You have given us a great opportunity to create bonds between us. We are glad to have embarked on this trip. Every moment was cherished! God richly bless you and your family and I pray that as TIS grows, it continues to build a stronger bond between students, staff and parents. Thank you so much once again. – Mife, Grade 12

Thank you so much Mrs. Adjavon for the provisions you made for us to be able to come to the end of our IB Journey. I am very grateful- Bernard Osei, Grade 12

We are extremely grateful for the time and effort that was put into the planning of the 2019 grade trip. We appreciate the blood, sweat and tears poured into it and we are most importantly happy to call you Mummy. Thank you Mrs. Adjavon. – Stephanie-Louise Agyemang, Grade 12

Enjoy the rest of your day.