Dear Parents

Hey again!
It’s your quarantine buddy checking up on you again. How are you? Hope this week has been a good one. Did you enjoy the first-ever virtual assembly?   Congrats to all those who won the Inter-Colour Kahoot!

This semester is soon coming to a halt and because of that, teachers will be trying to fit in a few more summative tasks, presentations and deadlines to meet. I certainly have a number of tasks! It hasn’t been easy, but when we pull through, we will be happy when we look back at all the effort, we put in to make the best results. Trust me!

Here are some tips on how to stay on top of it all and how to balance academics and social life at home:

1. Always try and PLAN THE NIGHT BEFORE. This makes it easier when you wake up and it helps guide you throughout the day. Before you sleep, take a look at your timetable and dashboard on ManageBac. Once you know what you have the next day, you can start to mentally prepare yourself for the busy day ahead. You should also know your free time and start getting an idea about what you want to do during that time.

2. LEARN HOW TO MAKE SACRIFICES. This can be very difficult. Trust me, I know. All in all, we must set our priorities straight and stay on top. I understand that we need some leisure time, but we must do it in moderation. Making temporary sacrifices can help you stay less distracted and more balanced, especially academically. Once you have more time on your hands, you will be able to stay on top of it all and even fit in more productive things. So, if it means you cutting down screen time or lowering the amount of series you watch in a week, I advise you to do it 100%. It is going to pay off and you are going to be so proud of your productivity!

3. CARE FOR YOURSELF. There are a lot of workaholics out there who will go to classes only with a few hours of sleep. This is not good. We must learn how to care for ourselves and stay healthy both mentally and physically, especially in these times. Drink a lot of water and try and add some fruits to your diet. Also, make sure you get adequate amount of sleep. You first!! Also, take some time to reflect on things and how you can improve.

4. Last, CREATE A GOOD MINDSET. It is said that you can be your worst enemy. Once you have told yourself that you cannot have a balanced life, you won’t. Keep on telling yourself you can do it and work towards it. Try and find friends who can also help you and motivate you to push yourself. Also, think good about yourself and tell yourself you can do it. If not, even better.

I know it’s not easy, but all this will come to pass, trust me. If you ever need a little push and don’t know where to get it from, you can always come to me!

That’s all for now!
Hope these tips are helpful. Let me know how it goes! Email me at [email protected] Until next time!
Stay tuned.

Yours, Quarantine Buddy

Salma Roland G11