Dear Parent


Sign language started out as a way for the hearing impaired to communicate, but it is more recently been used to improve and emphasize communication in many situations. A lot of research has come out over the last couple years that you can teach babies to communicate faster by teaching them sign language. As early as six months old, through sign, a baby is able to communicate his or her needs. Sign language also helps give a voice to people who have difficulty communicating, like those with autism.

There are dozens of other practical uses for sign language, but for anyone at any age. Paul Martin, communication and body language expert, explained that learning sign helps you become a better communicator because the natural limitations of this language actually help you be more emotive. This is because sign language is not just the hand gestures but the emotions expressed behind them.

Sign language is expressed with a combination of the spoken words, the signs, and your facial expressions. The combination of these three aspects are brought together to create compound signs that express everything more clearly.


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