Dear Parents

Hostel ~ “home away from home”. To enable our students to have a sense of place and purpose, the hostel is the springboard that provides students with the care, love and warmth, additionally giving students the necessary attention to help them achieve personal growth and academic excellence. This year, we are so happy to have newbies joining us across grades. Enjoy reading some reflections from our newbies!

It has been a week now since I came to TIS and for me, personally, it has really been a unique experience. I have received some attention because of my brother, Jerry-Reuben, who was at TIS for 4 years. In the boys’ hostel, we stick together, even though we have been divided because of those who are upstairs (Francis) and downstairs (Anthony). I have also met some very interesting people, and old faces, such as Thomas, Andrew, and Melike.

It is very easy to settle in because we are all aiming at one goal, excellence. TIS is a haven of excellence and cultural diversity, meaning that it is a safe place for every student to reaching the top and even though we are from different backgrounds and different ways of living, we boys stick together. For me, TIS will always been a wonderful place to learn, improve and grow. TIS, Knowledge is the Key. By Roman Agyeman (MYP 4)

It’s been 3 months since I sat on the beds in the TIS Boys’ hostel and I have missed the environment in a way. Upon arrival, I noticed a few changes like new lockers, inspirational quotes on the walls, etc. The hostel feels like a second home full of boys that treat each other like brothers and that is something that doesn’t need a change. By Melike Agar (MYP 4)

I didn’t consider coming to TIS but my parents told me it was a principled school. I joined TIS on the 21 August and it was a whole new expedition. TIS classifies new students as Newbies. I had no playmate, ally or confidant. The students were so welcoming, principled, caring and well behaved.

As time went on, I got used to life in the hostel, how to live without my parents and be independent. I have made new friends from diverse places and can freely communicate, collaborate and tolerate people. My stay in the hostel so far has not been boring because there are a lot of activities awaiting each day. By Emmanuella Manukure (MYP 4)

I wasn’t very excited about coming to TIS at first, but ever since my journey began, I have come to realise that TIS is such an amazing school. The students, hostel parents, teachers and cooks are such nice people. I find TIS to be a great learning experience for me.

Occasionally I have missed home and my family but I feel as though the hostel is a second home and every member has definitely helped me cope so far. I am truly grateful for everyone’s kindness and support. By Nana Achiaa Bonsu (MYP 4)