Dear Parents

Happy New Year to all members of the TIS family and supporters. May all targets and goals be fulfilled in 2020, especially for our G10 and 12 students. We look forward to the safe return of secondary students to hostels on Saturday and Sunday. Primary and secondary classes commence on Monday, 13 January.

School Accounts
A reminder that outstanding fees must be paid before students return to hostels, unless arrangements have been made with Kobina Quansah, Financial Controller.

Identification Labelling
Students are required to have their belongings appropriately labelled for identification purposes. Too many students are careless about leaving their belongings in the wrong place (not their lockers) and then not remembering where they left them. Often, items left around the school, especially power cables and chargers, are claimed by students who think an item belongs to them. To assist students in the identification of lost and found items, parents are requested to ensure all items are clearly labelled when school resumes for second semester.

Anti-Virus Software
Students must have a working Anti-Virus before they can access the TIS domain.

Alumni Week Celebrations
We are looking forward to many Alumni joining us throughout the coming week, especially before many return overseas to commence their new semester. A list of activities is included in this week’s Bulletin.

Student Medications
Any student medication must be sent to the Infirmary, along with medication instructions. Please note that any time a student is kept at the infirmary for observation, a record is maintained on MB and parents will receive an email alerting them about this record.

Dr Ken Darvall