Dear Parents

We take this opportunity to welcome all members of the TIS community including students and parents to school and especially to the New Decade, 2020. May the New Year be filled with joy, love and peace! As the year is just 17 days old, I guess it will not be out of place to spend some time to plan if you have not already done so especially for our students. Planning is a key aspect of everything that happens in life; the lack of it has dire consequences.

Wow! What a wonderful semester we have ahead particularly for our school as we prepare the first cohort of students for the IB MYP eAssessment (on-screen exam and ePortfolio) and the first batch of MYP 5 students complete their MYP journey. Both teachers and students have come a long way in this journey. Our wonderful parents have also played their role in this journey, not forgetting the school management. In few months, our students will be assessed on various aspects of the MYP and we are very hopeful they will make us proud. In as much as they are working hard, we will ask that all stakeholders continue to give them the support needed at this stage ensuring that every student achieves their personal best.

It is also the final semester for our students in Grades 7 – 9 in the 2019-2020 Academic Year. As the MYP curriculum is a continuum from Years 1 – 5, it is expected that students will begin to access themselves on how well they are achieving the objectives of each of their subjects at this stage. If they have excelled in each of the four objectives, then the next year’s objectives will be the challenge now, otherwise, they will have to work hard to improve their personal best.

To provide transparency and ensure accountability, assessments (formative and summative) with feedback are put on ManageBac. Parents are encouraged to constantly check on the progress of their wards and follow-up with teachers if they identify any trend or cause for concern.

29 – 31 January, 2020 MYP IDUs (G7-10)
G10 – ID on-screen examinations (31 Jan)
31 January, 2020 Personal Project completion and submission