Dear Parents

Being a new student, TIS has helped me to learn how to play different instruments and learn various new stuff. Happy 16th birthday, TIS. I hope the school continues to teach and educate other students in a way as it did for me. ~Nana Achiaa Mansa Bonsu (Grade 9)

I am a new student here at TIS and I must say so far it has been a wonderful and thrilling experience. Everything here from the teachers, to subjects, to the activities and even the food is good. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the pioneers and all those involved in the affairs of the school one way or the other for making such a great institution. ~Adeline O. Adjei (Grade 10)

I congratulate the Founders on the birth of the Primary School Campus and keeping TIS at its standards for the past 16 years. It is my hope that despite all the challenges that may arises, TIS will and must still stand by their motto, “Knowledge is the key” and they must still aspire to move ahead in all spheres of its life. I wish TIS the best of years ahead. ~Rudolph Dogbegah (Grade 10A)

What a wonderful journey for TIS! The growth of the school has been remarkable and I wish this same success for the years to come. XOXOXO. ~Karen Magna Quarshie (Grade 9)

As a new student, I would like to wish TIS a happy 16th birthday. I hope for the school to grow in grace and success in the years to come. ~Nana Akua Adjei Boadu (Grade 9)

Congratulations to the Founders of TIS, an amazing school for creating an amazing and safe space for students to not only learn but grow as amazing individuals capable of leading generation. Happy Birthday, TIS. ~Gwen Agbesi (Grade 11)

Congratulations to our only loving home TIS for turning 16. Happy to be part of this family and thanks to the Founders who made it possible to give it all they could do to make it happen. Happy Birthday, TIS. ~Elizabeth Anatsui (Grade 11)

Thank you so much for providing us with this beautiful environment for learning. ~Nuku Dzakuma (Grade 9)

TIS is an amazing place with a wonderful community. I wish TIS the best in all their endeavours. ~Naa Adjeley (Grade 10)