Dear Parents

Primary years started learning Ghanaian Sign language as a second language. The grade 3, 4 and 5 students were surprised to hear they will be learning sign language as a second language. They wondered, why sign language? Here are their reflection after the first lesson.

Initially, we were surprise we were going to learn sign language but we realized it is actually fun. We learnt that beside our mouth, we can communicate with other parts of our body. “You are a great sign language teacher Mr. Felix.” ~Kwakwu, Kwasi, Kwabena

We enjoyed our first lesson in sign language. The first task was to mime hint words without speaking, and our team members were supposed to guess the word. Our team actors made it easy by acting well. The game was fun because our team members acted well and made it fun and exciting. We got all correct and even knew the answers to some of the acting the boy’s team couldn’t guess. ~Akua, Nana, Oforiwaa, Maame Yaa