Dear Parents

Tema International School is proud to say a warm and resounding, “Akwaaba”, to Flight #7, the custom-made elegant preservation of the Bombardier Challenger 600 business jetliner series built from the ground up with recycled material and scraps from different aircrafts.

With the growing need to be more conscientious of the environment and to preserve its integrity for posterity, it is only proper that Tema International School joins the campaign to raise such an awareness among the torch bearers of the future – the youth in Ghana, and beyond. The danger of plastic waste in the country, particularly the city capital, and the frightening challenge of waste management makes it imperative for us as active citizens of our beloved Ghana to be more thoughtful, careful and intentional in the manner in which we deal with waste substances. Even more importantly, in the face of rising technology, we are armed with various tools and opportunities to be innovative and to think outside the box in order to create a more sustainable future.

For the 15th Anniversary at Tema International School, we turned the attention of the great minds we are shaping to engage more in the conversation on creating a sustainable future through innovative learning, sustainable ideas and solutions as we elevate the dialogue to the level of influencing policy formulation, creating immediate and practical solution to the menace and charting the path to the desired future. Studies by the World Bank estimate a dramatic 70% rise in solid waste from 2.01 billion tonnes to 3.40 billion tonnes is expected from 2016 to 2050 (The World Bank, 2018). The report proposes, as part of its strategy to break, reverse and completely alleviate the menace, citizen engagement and social inclusion. This means all hands on deck in creating awareness, promoting innovative ways to reduce consumption, source-separate and recycle solid waste material.

Tema International School takes pride in engaging its community of students, alumni, staff, Educators, parents and friends in taking steps towards creating a more sustainable future. It is, therefore, a matter of great pride to also partner with ARIS Ghana in this noble venture of hosting the Flight#7 at our Terminal 1. Flight#7 symbolizes for us the innovative power of creativity and our ability to employ all skills and abstract thinking and apply classroom theory in solving real world problems.  We must also appreciate Mr. Nana Anoff, the contemporary artist and sculptor, for his innovation and inspiration in creating this custom-made piece of work. Further appreciation is extended to Mrs. Rania Odaymat (Art Curator and Jewellery Artist) and The Beyond Collective for facilitating the arrival of Flight #7 at our campus, where it will be located for the next couple of months.

For our 15th Anniversary at Tema International School, we say a big welcome to Flight #7. We say let’s continue to reflect on our journey, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our achievements as we create opportunities for our greatest asset, our students. We say innovate, recycle, create a sustainable future. TIS is a community of lifelong learners determined to inspire new directions for a better and more peaceful world.

At TIS, we believe that through actions and service that demonstrate our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can make the world a better place. But, we must be active and committed participants and not just vocal spectators.” ~Dr Ken Darvall – Principal


The World Bank (2018) Solid Waste Management. Understanding Poverty Urban Development. Available at: (Accessed: March 12, 2019)