Dear Parent

Please find below a letter to our Student of the Year, Timone Twum-Ampofo from the Guidance Counselors

Dearest Timone,

You’re a shining example of a person with a true spirit of civility, making the world a better place for others. The
warmth, bubbly smiles and that cheerful spirit you share connects and warms the heart of many others, especially during
stressful days. Good morning, good afternoon, hello, each was the nectar that connected you to others. Yes, academics
come first and are very relevant, but the binding glue of life is a person with good character, morals and, most
importantly, seeking God first in all you do as a mirror reflection of your persona.
Congratulations once again! Wherever you go, be that positive light to cause that change as the next generation of ethical
leaders needed to build this nation and make it strong. Step out to the doors of greatness. We salute you, Timone!

Enjoy the rest of your day.