Dear Parents

MYP 5 students took part in a practical activity where they investigated the effect of temperature on the rate of catalase activity using potato cylinders. Below are reflections of two students.

The purpose of the experiment, which was conducted last week, was to measure the effect change in temperature has on the enzyme catalase reaction. It was very eye-opening as it helped me to clear up previous confusions that I had about the topic. During the experiment, I was able to improve my self-management skills since I had to finish a large task in a little amount of time. ~ Seyram Apreku, Grade 9

In this current unit in biology, my peers and I were put into groups where we conducted an experiment about the reaction of enzymes with substrates. In this experiment we demonstrated self-management skills and collaboration. This unit has helped me to understand the importance of enzymes in our daily lives. ~ Kelvin Kofigah, Grade 9