Dear Parents

The initiators of Educate them Young Community Project had a fulfilled day on 11 September. They were all smiles when they visited their beneficiary of their project at Calvary Presby to cater for her textbooks, uniform, feeding fee and tuition fee.

The goal of the group is to convince or lobby people in high places to sponsor the children at Save Them Young Orphanage in order to make proper education accessible to them. With excellent supervision from Ms. Setor Adih, our Librarian, the group raised a substantial amount that can cater for a full academic year tuition. The beneficiary, Shina Okonor is an intelligent 8 years-old girl who lives in the squatters with her mum around the Ashaiman enclave.

Her single mum who is a trader is unable to pay for her education. After a thoroughly investigation into their lives and the academics of Shina, the team was touched to put a smile on her face and touch her life. This is how the team felt after the presentation;

My Community Project partner and I went to Calvary Presby School to meet the child we are supporting by paying her school fees.
During the trip I became aware of my surroundings and how privileged we are as TIS students. Her name is Shina Okonor and she is a very sweet and shy child. We paid her school fees and bought her textbooks, notebooks and uniforms. We still have funds so we plan on making a hamper full of stationery and basic commodities that she will need for school. I personally feel so accomplished that I could touch my community in this manner. ~Seyram Apreku, Co-Initiator (G9)

Seyram and I met the beneficiary of our community Project, Shina Okonor, who is Class 2 at the Calvary Presby. We took about a 5-minute walk to the school with Auntie Setor and Auntie Grace. After meeting the school’s administrator, Shina and her teacher came to meet us. We were very excited to meet her and she seemed so calm and beautiful. While the paperwork was being done, we engaged Shina and she mentioned that she likes science ,so we have nicknamed her “Shark”. We were able to cater for her uniform, tuition, feeding and textbooks. It was so nice to see her and put a smile on a face. We took pictures with her and she said the most heartfelt Thank you, I felt I can do more. The experience was very fulfilling and uplifting. It just pays to be nice. ~Phoebe Osei, Co-Initiator (G9)

Educate Them Young is looking forward to how they transfer this project into their various Personal Projects in MYP 5. For the learning purposes and to encourage the current Grade   8 (MYP 3) as they begin their Community Projects, Phoebe and Seyram will share their
journey with the school community during the next assembly.