Dear Parents

As part of our second unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’, stories, games and celebrations were explored, the climax of which was a Unit celebration. This celebration is an assessment task which helps the learning community appreciate the depth of learning attained by students.

For the occasion, children donned colourful traditional outfits, and parents turned up in elegant ethnic attires. Mums and Dads were  regaled with a dramatisation of the story behind the Hogbetsotso festival, as learners retold the series of events which led to the Anlos escaping from Notsie in Togo, to their current home.

Children tried their hands at traditional games too. This was a nostalgic moment for parents as watching children enjoy games from years ago, brought back fond memories of their own childhood. Inspired by this display, parents joined in the celebration, sharing various traditional games like ‘Ampe’, ‘KpitingƐ’, ‘Chaskele’ (the local version of baseball), and ‘Robert, Robert’.

It didn’t end there! By kind curtesy of parents, the learning community was treated to an impressive array of tasty Ghanaian dishes and drinks from the various ethnic groups represented. Finally, our young learners crowned the celebration by sharing their learning journeys with parents through their e-portfolios. It was such a fun and enlightening experience that when it came to an end, no one wanted to  go home.