Dear Parents

The Early Years group took action as part of our last Unit of Inquiry, ‘How We Express Ourselves’. They engaged in a transdisciplinary learning experience by celebrating with students from the Tetteh Ocloo School for the Deaf. It also gave them a chance to polish their non-verbal communication skills by using Sign Language. The experience gave learners a glimpse into other children’s reality and helped them appreciate their senses and other endowments.

Curious as they are, they wondered;
• Why are these children not speaking, but signing with their hands?
• Do they understand the hand gestures their colleagues were making?
• When can we ask them questions using Sign Language?

Our children applied self-management skills as they went on stage to sign their names to the audience. They also interacted meaningfully with their new friends, by smiling, waving, holding hands, giving high fives and sitting side-by-side with them in the School’s auditorium.   We witnessed them eagerly sign the letters of the alphabet with our hosts and enjoy the latter’s Sign Language rendition of the nativity play. Our learners displayed good audience etiquette and listening skills, as they keenly observed the skit.

Through the donations of our supportive and generous Learning Community, the Early Learners also took action to serve the local community. Their new friends could not contain their joy and gratitude when they received their tasty treats of biscuits, soft drinks, sweets and other food items.

The excursion provided each child with an authentic learning engagement, helping them to make meaningful connections between classroom learning and reality. In addition, it gave them a rare occasion to employ their newly-acquired Sign Language skills and interact with a real Deaf Community.

It was indeed an insightful learning journey!

Enjoy the rest of your day!