Dear Parents

Last week started on a sparkly note as our Early Learners walked elegantly to class in their new Primary school uniforms. Whoop! Whoop!! They showed off their eye-catching attire with all the pomp and pageantry their little limbs could muster.

This experience dovetailed nicely with our inquiry into the School System, under the theme, ‘How We Organise Ourselves.’ Here, students discussed the purpose of uniforms in educational establishments, drawing meaningful connections between theory and practice. By this approach, they deepened their conceptual understanding.

As part of ‘How We Organise Ourselves,’ learners also extended their knowledge of the transport system, exploring appropriate behaviours to exhibit on a public transit system. After watching a short clip, they then proceeded to discuss safety and hygiene tips to be adhered to while using such modes of transport.

In Social Studies, our transdisciplinary Central Idea was examined under the topic, Social Organisation and Culture. Here, learners used their thinking skills to identify the various communities to which they belong. They demonstrated their understanding by drawing and describing pictures of these groups. It was a joy to see how proud they were to belong to the many social and cultural groups, especially the TIS Community.

Students are honoured to belong to this wonderful family. They particularly look forward to the regular visits of Grandma Adjavon and Grandma Sylvia, who dropped by this week to enrich our learning.