Dear Parents

As Roald Dahl, the famous children’s author rightly expressed,” Life is more fun if you play games”. Over the past weeks, life has been nothing less than fun in the Topaz class, as we furthered our inquiry into celebrations, stories and play under the theme, “How We Express Ourselves.”

Since play is the way by which the brain makes fast, permanent connections, during this Unit teachers have incorporated a host of fun indoor and outdoor play. Learners have enjoyed brainstimulating exercises such as ‘Flash and Subitize’, ‘Silence Game’, ‘Guess the Sound,’ ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Toss the Ring’ and ‘Pick and Drop’ ball games. Playing these collaborative games have fostered the development of thinking and communication skills, as learners strived to devise effective strategies, and also communicate their ideas with team mates. Learners honed their social skills while cheering team mates on to victory, and celebrating their successes together. Even in the event of a loss, learners were seen comforting, as well as encouraging each other to persevere. Students have also learnt to be more principled by applying themselves to the rules of each game.

There has also been a lot of meaningful, unstructured play, with learners immersed in imaginative play with toys, costumes, balls, streamers and hoola hoops. These activities are encouraging learners to develop their self-management skills as they become more aware of themselves with regards to sharing space and taking turns with friends.

Play is indeed a fun way to learn!