Dear Parents

As a learning community of teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders, maintaining an open and consistent flow of communication is a definite way of fostering a close-knit family. As such, the TIS Primary Campus continually provides avenues for keeping parents and guardians updated on the intriguing learning experiences, progress and milestones of our Early Learners. A few of these opportunities are as follows:

Early Years Journal (EYJ)

 This is a daily journal which is disseminated to Early Years parents through the IB Parents Association section on ManageBac. In addition to highlighting the day-to-day learning strides made by students, it documents their achievement of specific learning outcomes, as per the tasks and learning engagements undertaken each day.

Feedback on Tasks

 As our learners continue to make meaningful connections with various learning experiences and construct their own understanding of the environment through inquiry, teachers engage them with tasks that scaffold them into achieving their learning outcomes. Through the Gradebook section on ManageBac, teachers give detailed feedback on completed tasks. This is aimed at keeping parents abreast of their wards’ progress and challenges, as well as the necessary interventions recommended to address the latter.

Parents Info Sessions

 This is an interactive session mostly scheduled as part of the Portfolio/Unit Celebration programme. Here, new and existing parents are taken through key components of the IB PYP and are mostly provided with a step-by-step guide to navigating ManageBac to enable them to access school-related information, monitor the progress of their wards, and communicate with members of the School Community when necessary.

“The Early Years at the Primary School Campus is setting a solid foundation for our learners when they reach the Primary classes. They enjoy their learning experiences and love their teachers. They have the perfect learning environment and it’s a joy to see, hear and feel the learning occurring on a daily basis.”

Dr Ken Darvall