Dear Parents

For the Unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’ using stories, games and celebrations, we have been focusing on one celebration each week.

This week, our learners inquired into stories, games and activities, related to the Chinese New Year. They enjoyed the story behind the celebration, created replica Chinese lanterns, traditionally used during the celebrations, and interacted with a couple of Chinese students from the Secondary School. Learners were captivated by colourful and informative presentations on Chinese festivals, interlaced with beautiful songs. They engaged their thinking, communication and self-management skills as they interacted with their Chinese facilitators. They also asked many intriguing questions and practiced their Mandarin. In addition, learners created replica Chinese flags, as they progressed on their journey towards international-mindedness.

We also had a surprise visit from Mrs. Adjavon, or Grandma, as we affectionately call her. She spent quality time with us, shortly before our sumptuous Chinese feast of long noodles and egg rolls. We learnt that to signify long life, noodles must remain unbroken, and fried eggs must be rolled like gold bars to denote wealth.

After hearing the story behind the Chinese New Year, learners again employed their thinking, communication and self-management skills to create paper dragons and red envelops, both iconic features of the celebration. They are believed to bring good fortune to recipients. In creating these items, learners experienced varying levels of difficulty, ranging from the ability to use a pair of scissors correctly, to folding intricate patterns. Through these challenges, learners developed resilience, moving several notches up their open-minded, balanced and risk-taking scales.

In expressing ourselves through stories, games and celebrations, the ability to tell your own story, sharing personal experiences and ideas, is key. We believe students are continually making positive impressions on the Learning Community, as they develop this ability and also exhibit the IB Learner Profile attributes and essential learning skills.

During this month’s Unit Celebration, the Learning Community was astonished by students’ ability to recount their learning journeys. Through the Early Years’ Journal on ManageBac, teachers, on a daily basis, are able to share students’ learning victories with the Community. Parents are encouraged to initiate conversation with their wards, based on these journal entries. Children are bound to have many tales to share!

As the year draws to a close, Early Years are preparing enthusiastically for TIS’ Carols Concert. Students have been using their learning skills in diverse ways, as they engage in drama and dance towards their performance.

Watch out for our little angels; they’ll be taking the concert by storm!